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    10K Gold Round Cut Diamond Studs

    The stud earrings are always considered as a nice option for formal wear and these earrings come with 10k gold material with the addition of round diamond stud earrings. The diamond studs are securely attached inside the four-prong setting and the unique thing about these earrings is its friction back post option. With the Kimberley manufacturing procedure, it’s made sure that the diamonds don’t lose their originality and shiny look. The weight of diamond carat is around 0.01 carats which make is super-affordable for every lady who loves to wear stud earrings on a daily basis and festive occasions.
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    10K Yellow Gold Freshwater Cultured Pearl With Diamond Accent Drop Earrings

    Pearls display the simplicity and positivity which makes is a great option to be worn in jewelry. These earrings are made with 10k yellow gold with the addition of pearl at the bottom. The lever attached to the back of earrings makes it easy to secure it behind the ears. The single little diamond added above the pearl makes it look pleasing as it creates of contrast of gracefulness and astonishment. The formation of a pearl is a magic in itself and even after being so rich jewelry option, it is great option to wear on the festive and regular basis.
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    14K Gold Round White Freshwater Cultured Pearl Stud Earrings

    The high quality of jewelry piece of earrings is made with handpicked pearls and iridescent nacre. If you are looking for the most elegant earrings with secure pushback option, then this piece of jewelry is perfect. The 14K of gold is polished with the rhodium lightweight polishing and these earrings can be a great option for the Valentine’s Day or any other festive occasion gifts. This piece of magic is perfect for both casual and formal occasions. The lustrous look of 0.7mm white cultured pearl makes these earrings quite elegant and a great option for every type of occasion. People who face the problem of allergy can put these earrings as it comes with mountings which prevent allergies to ears.
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    Certified 14K White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings

    In order to bring out the graceful look of yours, the while gold diamonds are perfect for you. Whether you are looking for earrings to be worn on regular basis or you want to get the light earrings to be worn on festivals, these pair of earrings is a great option as it comes with 14k gold diamond and solitaire studs which impart class. The screws are given on the back ends while the diamonds are embedded seamlessly in the four-prong setting. These earrings are made with Kimberley procedure as to assure the best quality and the studs are certified.
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    GUESS Large Oval Glitter Hoop Earrings

    Earrings can really change the entire look of the attire and these earrings came from the famous GUESS brand. The gold tone of the earrings can catch of attention of everyone in the hall and the glitter on the inside side of earrings makes it look even more charming. There can be earrings with outer glitter but this concept is something different and can help a lady to create a new trend. The large oval shaped earrings look fantastic and with the clutchless hook, it can be worn easily in ears. The glitter of earrings enhances the look of gold in this hoop earring.
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    Kate Lynn Woman’s Swarovski Crystal earrings

    These earrings look quite fabulous on every dress attire and that’s why it can be considered as a nice Christmas gift for every lady out there. The pendant size of these earrings is 1.14 inches and Swarovski crystals attached in the earrings make it look more astonishing. The color of the crystal is quite unique and that’s why it can attract every person who would pass through the lady who is wearing these earrings. The material of this item is made from a copper alloy which is completely environment-friendly and delivered after the SGS Inspection Standard.
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    Miguel Ases Small Lapis Lotus Earrings

    These earrings are quite beautiful as it comes with a gold-filled drop diamond shape pendant. There is lapis lazuli in this earring which makes them special to be worn by your wife. These earrings come with fishhook backing so the earrings don’t feel much difficult to wear. These natural stones give the perfect touch of contemporary look to the lady who would wear it. So, one can definitely select these earrings as an anniversary present for the wife. It can be for a birthday anniversary or for marriage anniversary but every woman is going to love this collection.
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    Plated Sterling Silver Inside-out Hoop earrings

    Platinum can really impart a classy look without exaggerating a woman’s style and what can be better than earrings which are made of it. The amazingly designed hoop earrings with Swarovski Zirconia embedded in a seamless manner makes it a perfect option for the ladies who want to get a regular get to go jewelry for their ears. The hinge is added on earrings with click top back ends so that the earring can securely be carried. The polished platinum is covered by .925 sterling silver which makes a perfect blend of authenticity and beauty.    The zirconia diamonds are engraved with the help of laser in the most attractive manner.
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    Platinum or Gold Plated Sterling silver Hoop earrings

    Whether a lady wants to enhance her beauty at the party or she wants to look elegant every day, these earrings can let her do both. The oversized hoops of these earrings make it a perfect choice for the women and the unique thing about these earrings is the plating of sterling silver. Not only fantastic polishing is done but little Swarovski zirconia stones make it look even more breath-taking. The small huggie hoops are added on earrings to make it look quite different from other regular hoop earrings. Tan he notched closure at the hinge is provided to secure the earring in place in appropriate way.
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    Platinum Plated Sterling Silver Swarovski Zirconia Leverback Earrings

    If you are looking for earrings which can be worn on official occasions and formal events, then these earrings are perfect. The delicate drop piece of earrings makes it a great option for the women who want to wear Swarovski zirconia brilliant cut earrings. These earrings are manufactured with the platinum plated silver material. Any lady who wants to have a great collection of earrings can have these earrings as these are made with original Swarovski zirconia studs which are set properly with the four prongs. The zirconia is studded in earrings with laser engraving process and that’s why the material is authentic and high qual out of diamond stimulant is used in it.
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    Sorrelli on the Edge Earring- Essentials

    Anyone who wants to get the high quality of earrings can decide to purchase these handcrafted earrings which shine exuberantly. The handcrafted nature of these earrings makes it a perfect choice for the ladies. There are Swarovski crystals attached below the sparkling diamonds. One can’t even see the dissimilarity between the diamond and the Swarovski crystal from a distance. These earrings come with lever back closures which can keep the earrings secured behind the ear. The diamond and crystals on the earring are attached inside the four prongs setting so that there won’t be a chance of diamond falling down ever.
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    Sterling Silver Diamond Square Shape Stud Earrings

    If anyone wants to gift something to a lady on Christmas, then these stud earrings can be a great choice. These earrings have small detailed art which looks absolutely stunning and there are four diamonds in the center of each stud. It comes with friction back post and you can check the carat weight of every stone before getting it. It is a nice option to be worn on regular days as the diamonds are prepared with the Kimberley procedure so there is no chance that the quality of diamonds is compromised in any manner. So, these stud earrings are a great choice when one is looking for a diamond Christmas gift for a lady.