The Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend 2020

With New Year’s Day on the edge, it won’t be long till Valentine’s Day creeps up on you. If you have a loved one around or a significant other, to be specific, you are going to want to buy a special present for your special someone. A personalized gift is the best option, but if you have already ridden that boat on any other special occasion a general gift that you can customize is also a good option. Maybe something expensive that the person has wanted for a long time and could not save up the money to buy. All these can be good options if you have exhausted all the good gift options.


1. “What I love about you” book

There is this journal by a company called “Knock Knock” that is available on many retail stores and even on Amazon. The whole idea of the diary is to fill in the book with things you adore about your partner. There are options and suggestions in the book and you can add in the specifics by yourself. The book can act as an example of how much you know about your partner. Small details and sentiments can also be added, the sweet words are sure to make your girlfriend extremely happy. The book is available on Amazon for about 6 US Dollars. It got 4.6 out of 5 stars.


2. Plush Robe

Many dating websites talk about how a fuzzy robe is one of the best gifts that you can give to your partner. Now, to some, this may seem like a strange gift, but it can actually be the closest thing to a hotel room experience. People tend to enjoy the feeling of being on vacation and a plush robe can provide you with it. The soft and luxurious feel of a good robe is one of the most ideal gift options. They can be found in many bath related stores and also on Amazon around the price of 20 US Dollars. 


3. A Timeline

One of the most thoughtful gifts you can give to your partner is the reminder that you have cherished every moment spent with them. You can give this to them in the form of a map or a timeline. It may seem unlikely but a general outline of this certain map can easily be available to you on Etsy or Amazon at the price of less than 25 US Dollars. You can remind your girlfriend of how important and beautiful the moments that you two have spent together, have been.



4. Engraved Bracelets

A bracelet with thoughtful words can be very endearing to your girlfriend. A word or a short term that reminds you of a beautiful time or a term that means something to both of you can be engraved on to a bracelet. A beautiful metal combined with beautiful words can make the bracelet one of the most cherished presents that your wife or girlfriend can ever own. The bracelet itself can be found on the Amazon website and there are a lot of places that you can get it engraved. Be sure to refrain from buying some cheap metal, spend a little money and get something made out of pure silver to avoid any allergic reactions. It is available on Amazon for a little above 50 US Dollars.


5. Book Art

Book art can be slightly controversial and highly dependent on your partner’s stance on using books for making art. If your partner is okay with cutting out words or art into a book then go ahead with this gift. A book lover won’t necessarily be happy with it, though. If you get the clear be sure to use words or initials that mean something to both of you and that she will appreciate immensely. Book art. Especially customized book art can be really difficult to make and will cost you a larger amount, but it will be worth the look on your partner’s face and can also be used as decoration and a very exposed declaration of your love. This can be found on Amazon.


6. Date Board

An excellent gift idea that I found on this website called Pinterest, is a date board. Now, the name is quite self-explanatory. A date board can be a framed piece of art that highlights the important dates of your relationship. The dating board can also assist in helping you remember the important dates if you place them on an apparent spot, there is very little chance that you will end up forgetting them. These date boards can be found on Amazon by various companies under the 30 US Dollar mark.


7. Silver Studded Earrings

Expensive jewelry is a very nice gift for your partner. Who doesn’t love pure silver earrings that can be worn on any occasion. Every time she ends up wearing the earrings, they will remind them of you. She will make good use out of the earrings, and a good option can also be to customize them according to letters of the alphabet that mean something to her. Etsy or Amazon is a good platform to find earrings of the kind.


8. Pendants

Much like the earrings, pendants are also gifts that can be cherished by all. A pendant in which you can stick a photograph of the two of you for her to keep close to her heart. A customized pendant with your initials is also an important edition that you can make to the necklace. Be sure to use either silver or gold, though. Fashion jewelry is not appreciated by many skin types. If you want to purchase this specific item Amazon is the place for you.


9. Kate Spade Necklace

A staple in many women’s jewelry collection is the initial necklace by Kate Spade. You will have to take care of very little as Kate Spade is famous for its quality products. You only have to mention the first letter of your loved one’s name and the company will take care of the rest. Although, much like any other quality jewelry piece this can also cost you a considerable amount of money, but it will feel amazing watching her make good use of the necklace. There are multiple kinds that can be found on the Amazon website for a slightly higher price.


10. Wooden Postcard

There are people out there who are in long-distance relationships and in this digital age, it is a lot easier to keep in touch. However, the more phones are being used, the more postcards are becoming obsolete in terms of communication or sending messages. But, the fact that postcards are rarely ever used anymore means that they are gaining a certain amount of emotional weight. People prefer sending postcards as a means of thoughtful and romantic presents that are handwritten and a lot more traditional. Wooden postcards are a sort of ornament with words from your loved one that you can set on your side table and look at every now and then and cherish the memories you have had with your partner. These postcards can be found on Amazon for less than 30 US Dollars.


11. Cosmetics Bag

Cosmetic bags, on their own, are a nice thoughtful gift for your girlfriend and can be a reminder for her that you have her general needs in mind. She can use the makeup bag whilst traveling and such or in general, to store toiletries. The best way to gift a cosmetics bag is to customize it with her initial, these bags can be found on the Amazon website.


12. Makeup

Makeup enthusiasts usually appreciate the fact that you buy the makeup. Makeup can generally be quite expensive and people who like trying out new kinds make up can not always afford an enormous amount of make up every time it comes out. The best thing you can do is buy them multiple kinds of makeup or take them with you to your local makeup store and let them find whatever they want and then end up paying the bill, but you can also opt for Amazon for good deals and an easier purchase if you do not prefer physically going to the stores.


13. Coordinates Necklace

A gift that has become a lot more trendy in the past few years because of the availability of Etsy are customized necklaces. In this case, you can get a necklace of coordinates that are engraved on to the necklace. The coordinates can be anything or any location that you hold close to your heart. It can be the location where you first met your loved one, or the place where you went on your first date or a spot where you told them you loved them. On Amazon, you also get the option to engrave a message or a reference on the back to make the necklace all the more special.


14. The Everyday Tote

With the increase in global warming, a lot of women are resorting to bags that are made out of cloth and can be reused from time to time. The finest alternative to a plastic bag is a tote bag. Women use them to carry bulky items. A good present to your girlfriend can be good tote bag with excellent quality that is multi-purpose in its nature, you can also customize the bag if you like, it’ll give the bag a personal feel in regards to whoever is using it. The best leather tote bag is ideal for a woman, it will look stylish and be useful at the same time.


15. Coffee Mug

This is one of the most basic gift options. It is overdone, overused, and shows minimal to no actual effort and thought put into the gift. Although, you can still turn it around. The best way to give your girlfriend a mug is, you guessed it, customizing it. There are a lot of shops, online and physical, that sell themed coffee mugs. If your girlfriend is a fan of a certain show or band, get the mug designed accordingly. A lot of people also like to collect mugs, a unique mug is an ideal gift for them. You can get any type of mug designed on Etsy and there are also generalized ideas that are theme-related, available on Amazon for a decent price.


16. Name Earrings

In the spirit of jewelry, I have another way to customize earrings that you may be giving to your significant other. You can design them into the shape of their name. Getting her name engraved on a pair of earrings is adorable. It’s very similar to a locket with her name on it, just on her ears. Again, Etsy is the best option for you if you want to give her this present. The website will give you a good price but be sure to buy pure metal and not artificial jewelry.


17. Q&A a Day, 3 Year Journal

This is a trend that has recently taken the internet by storm. There are people out there who cherish nostalgia to their every core, they enjoy writing down their thoughts in a journal every now and then. This sort of diary gives the person some sort of direction and guidance when writing. The question asked for the day can be quite random but meaningful at the same time. The person can look at the diary years later and be reminded of that tiny detail and it can be quite emotional for them, in theory.

These types of diaries are easily available on Amazon and can be an amazing gift for your girlfriend or any loved one.


18. Planter Vase

A planter vase is a very thoughtful gift for any person. Plants can brighten up a room just by being present in it. They can make the room feel a whole lot welcoming and fresh, in general. A good vase to keep your plants in is an ideal gift for someone who prefers decorating their room with plants. A sturdy but stylish vase can be the perfect gift and can be found on Amazon for under 40 US Dollars. The Umbra Trigg vase is the most beautiful piece of plant decoration on the Amazon Website.


19. Socks

This is an oddball of a gift according to some, but in reality, it is one of the most useful gifts that you can gift someone. You can buy socks that are referencing something that your girlfriend might be interested in, some couples share the love of jokes and puns on their socks and this can be the case for your girlfriend. Every time she wears the socks, she is sure to have a little laugh and be reminded of you. Pun socks are not only available on Amazon but are also a recurring purchase for a very low price.


20. Bath Salts

Bath salts are the trendy new thing these days. Women everywhere are buying them and using them for bathing purposes because of their exfoliating nature and soothing scents that help further calm you down when you are taking a bath. There are different sorts of scents available to please your girlfriend with whatever smell she prefers the most. The bathwater also tends to become a lot more calming and serene making her bathing experience exquisite.


21. Picture Frames

Picture frames with your loved one’s picture in it is one of the sweetest gifts that you can give to your partner. The frame can have small intricate details that fit with the theme of her bedroom and you can stick a picture inside that reminds you of a time you spent together and was memorable. A picture frame is sure to put a smile on her face and will help remind her of how happy she is with you. You can opt for a slightly expensive frame that can act as a solid decoration piece.


22. Knitting Kit

There is a reason grandmas take up knitting when they reach old age, it is because knitting is a very calming hobby that happens to give you more control over your fingers, making your fingers a lot more agile in nature. A knitting kit can be a very good present for your girlfriend, it will help her take up a new hobby and teach her a new skill at the same time. Contrary to popular belief, knitting can actually be quite difficult to learn but the process itself is actually quite fun. You can find high-quality knitting kits on Amazon.


23. Wool Runners

Wool runners are the most comfortable type of running shoe available on the market, at the moment. As evident by the name, the interior that surrounds the shoe is made out of wool, acting as a sturdy sock to keep your feet firm but comfortable at the same time. They are available in around fourteen colors, buy the one according to your wife’s choosing. These are a slightly expensive type of shoe and it makes for a very thoughtful and useful valentine’s day gift.


24. Knitting Needles

Going along with the theme of knitting, if your wife is not a new knitter and has been knitting for quite some time, new knitting needles will be an ideal gift. For someone who has gotten into the hobby of knitting on a regular basis, knitting needles are vital, especially because they are quite prone to breakage if not made out of sturdy material. This is why it is very important whilst buying knitting needles that they are made out of a strong material that is easy on the fingers and on the eyes. Nice design on the needles or customized writing can always give a personalized edge to the needles. These needles can easily be found on Amazon for under 20 US Dollars.


25. Luggage

Almost everyone wants to seem luxurious while traveling and seemingly high-quality luggage does the job for many. If your girlfriend is an avid traveler a suitcase can be an ideal present for her, for obvious reasons. If the suitcase is more of a designer suitcase, your girlfriend will feel a lot more confident when taking it with her and will keep you in mind while she’s at it.


26. Oil Diffuser

Oil diffusers are also one of the cool new trends. The whole purpose of an oil diffuser is to clear out the air of toxins and bad smells and make the home feel a lot more homely. The oil diffuser scents range from jasmine to blueberry to the ocean breeze. Having one in your house will automatically alter the aura of your house without you doing much. Oil diffusers can be bought at Amazon at reasonable prices but also at relatively higher prices which will, in turn be, of a higher quality. The reasonable prices usually range from 15 to 20 US Dollars.


27. Silk Pillowcase

Silk is the most comfortable fabric out there, people usually wear it when going to sleep, in nightwear, bedsheets, and the most common option pillowcases. Silk pillowcases not only give the person a peaceful experience but sleeping on it is the best for your hair. Although, pure silk pillowcases can cost a considerable amount of money if you’re comparing it to other pillowcase materials. The material itself is the reason for its extravagant price, you can get pillowcases like these on Amazon, starting from 50 US Dollars.


28. Sunbeam Heated Blanket

This type of blanket is known for keeping the person sleeping under it quite cozy and comfortable, regardless of the house being of a certain temperature. Most people like to keep their houses cool and not annoyingly hot but then that leads to sleeping being cold and uncomfortable as well. If you can not decide on temperature and this is becoming the first hindrance as you both have moved in, the best option is to buy this blanket for her. It will keep her warm, all the while allowing you to keep your home at a cooler temperature. You can get these at Amazon for around 60 US Dollars.


29. Hydro Flask

The growing trend of hydro flasks amongst girls these days has made the flask a very common gift with many boyfriends these days. The hydro flask, in general, is an essential these days to keep your water fresh and the compact casing allows you to carry the flask with you wherever you go, all these small but necessary features of the flask has lead to the increase in popularity of the hydro flask. The best part is that it retains the temperature of the liquid in the flask for a good amount of time. You can find these on Amazon for around 40 US Dollars. The brand itself can be found on Amazon and is quite reliable.


30. Wine Glass

Wine glasses are a staple in the kitchen closet of women who enjoy wine a lot, you can help add to her collection and buy her a glass of a considerable quality that you can easily find on Amazon. If she is a person who appreciates the finer wines in life then she is sure to want instruments that are relevant to the wine and buying her a nice glass shows how much you care about her interests.


31. Night Slippers

Night slippers are an excellent gift if you live in a cooler environment, where waking up in the middle of the night is a hassle because of the literal cold feet that people get. There are a lot of people that do not like the feeling of wearing socks while sleeping but then waking up and going to have a glass of water can feel horrendous. Buy her these fuzzy night slippers that will keep her feet warm and remind her of you every time she wears them and feels warm and cozy. Amazon is the perfect place to buy these slippers for a reasonable price.


32. Yoga Mat

If your girlfriend is a fitness enthusiast and enjoys yoga, a yoga mat may be the perfect gift for her. Not just any yoga mat, though. Buy her the most comfortable yoga mat on the market to show her that you care about her passions and fitness needs, better yet buy one for yourself and join her. Create an aerobics situation for her in your own home with the help of two simple yoga mats that you will easily be able to find on Amazon. The best quality yoga mats will cost you about 90 US Dollars.


33. Leather Case for Her Phone

Leather cases for phones are a very ideal gift. Carrying around your phone in your hand can get quite agitating for a lot of people and leaving it deep inside your bag makes it very annoying to reach inside and look for especially if it is a situation of emergency and you need your phone right away it can be a real hassle to reach for it and look for it. The best option, in this case, is purchasing a leather case that also acts as a crossbody bag around your body, she won’t have to carry it around and at the same time won’t have to reach for it inside and look for it if she wants it, you can find it on Amazon, easily for under 90 US Dollars.


34. Hairdryer

She probably might already own one, but what you can do is get her the Dyson. This specific brand of hair electronics is one of the best on the market. The Dyson is known for its excellent haircare and safety of the protein in the hair. You can find almost any Dyson product on Amazon.


35. Bathtub Caddy Tray

Women love taking baths, it gives them a chance to sit by themselves and relieve themselves of the tensions and stresses of the day. When they are taking a bath they might also prefer having a drink with them and a caddy tray is actually quite perfect for that. You can find bathtub caddy trays, according to the size you want, on Amazon, with compartments and sections to keep your items in and avoid them toppling off the edge of your bathtub.


36. White Noise Machines

White noise machines have also gotten quite popular over the years especially with sleepers who do not get comfortable that easily. The white noise machine emits sounds that are soothing to the brain and allow a comfortable deep sleep. After a hard day’s work, women would love to get a carefree sleep that doesn’t allow many hindrances disturbing them from their sleep. The machines usually come with a range of around ten noises, you can turn on whichever depending on the kind of noise that brings you comfort. You can find these machines on Amazon for around 50 US Dollars. The purchase is quite worth it.


37. Fleece Jacket

Fleece jackets are the safest option if you live in a cooler region and enjoy staying warm. Now fleece jackets are the made of the most comfortable material and are quite appreciable for the body as it retains a decent amount of heat. They also cost a decent amount of money thus, making it clear that some sort of effort was put into the purchasing of the gift. Women who enjoy fashion are also most likely to enjoy this type of jacket. You can find jackets of the kind on Amazon for about 50 US Dollars.


38. Watches

Watches are also one of the safe options when buying your significant other a present. A nice watch by a decent brand is sure to impress your wife. It is one of the most classy accessories out there. You can buy a watch that is more her style and she will appreciate it even more that you are willing to spend a substantial amount of money on her and at the same time you are aware of the kind of items she would usually wear. The best watches are available on Amazon for a good deal.


39. Merlot Candle

These candles are by a brand called “REWIND”. The special thing about these candles is that they come in cases that are recycled bottles and their scents are usually something to do with the different kinds of wine. You can buy the Merlot candle if your girlfriend or significant other is a fan of wines, especially Merlot. The candle is most likely to smell like berries and the other ingredients of the Merlot which will make her feel very luxurious and will show to her that you appreciate her interests. You can find these types of candles on Amazon.


40. 24-karat Gold Mask

The best brand to go for when purchasing these types of masks is “Peter Thomas Roth”. This brand is famous for the high-quality gold masks that revitalize the skin and make it feel absolutely brand new. These can be purchased on Amazon for about 25 US Dollars in multiple flavors that may be best suitable to your liking. Be sure to buy more than one if you are planning on giving it as a Valentine’s day present. It is the best form of self-care and shows her that you care about her needs.


41. The Apple Watch Strap

Apple watches these days can do about anything from making calls, to organizing your schedule. Women use these a lot and tend to wear them around. Although they are quite classy, they aren’t the most feminine of watches. An alteration to this can be the fact that there are straps available to make these watches slightly more effeminate while retaining its resourceful qualities. They make the watches a lot more stylish and can easily be bought on Amazon for around 70 US Dollars. The most quality straps are available at a company called “Nordstrom”.


42. Photo Albums

A photo album with photographs from your most memorable times is the cutest gift you could give to our girlfriend. It will remind her of all the most amazing times in your relationship and the best part is she can keep it with her for the years to come, to go through when she pleases. Now, the photographs you will have to provide yourself, but the exterior can be bought on Amazon for around 20 US Dollars. Adding small writings and details in the album and around pictures will definitely help her reminisce and remember.


43. Fitbit Activity Tracker

The “Fitbit” activity tracker is available on Amazon for around 140 US Dollars. Before I mention anything else, yes, this is quite an expensive gift but if your girlfriend is a fitness freak, she will appreciate this present immensely. The thought put into it, plus the fact that you are willing to spend a decent amount of money on her can come across as quite thoughtful.


44. Cashmere Scarf

Cashmere is one of the most expensive fabrics out there and at the same time, they are also the most soft and comfortable fabrics. A scarf made out of cashmere is one of the best presents that you can buy for your girlfriend or significant other for Valentine’s day. It will definitely cost you a substantial amount of money, though, so be sure to either save up or be aware that it costs around 300 US Dollars on Amazon if you are planning on buying it for her.


45. Adventurer Backpack

If you live in a region with numerous hiking spots and your girlfriend is an avid hiker, definitely buy one of these for her. Excellent quality backpacks are available on Amazon by the brand “Lululemon”. This backpack will cost you around 100 US Dollars. It depends on the model of the bag that you are buying, how high the price may go. The best thing about these bags is that these are of the highest quality and will last her a long time and she will appreciate that. It could be the perfect Valentine’s day gift.


46. Pajama Set

A pajama set is also a very thoughtful and simple gift for your partner. People usually buy these when there aren’t a lot of options available for present giving. This is sort of a last resort present. You can, however, make it luxurious if they are of a good brand and a good material, the best pajama set prices revolve around 80 US Dollars on Amazon.


47. Outdoor Springs Leggings

A pair of leggings may seem nominal but in reality, a good pair of leggings is actually very difficult to find. If your girlfriend works out a lot it is very likely that she may own multiple pairs of leggings, but buying her a pair that is slightly expensive and higher quality can be very useful for her, even for valentine’s day. The nicest pairs available on Amazon are around 90 US Dollars.


48. Travel Case Set

If your girlfriend or significant other travels a lot by herself or with you, she might require items that can be used for organizing her suitcase, what you can do is buy her a leather case by the brand “Cuyana”. The cases will feel stylish and are of a good size that they can fit a sufficient amount of items but can also fit into your suitcase quite easily. On Amazon, these cases cost 120 US Dollars.


49. Jewelry Box

A fancy jewelry box is always a cute gift when it comes to Valentine’s day. Women like to keep their jewelry organized and the best way to do it is with a beautiful and sectioned out jewelry box where she can store her accessories and make them a lot more accessible to her. The best jewelry boxes can be found on Amazon. The jewelry box has to be sturdy enough and high quality enough, these kinds of boxes are usually by the brand “Nordstrom” and can cost about 200 US Dollars. They are quite durable and worth the money.


50. Gift Cards

Finally, if all else fails, buy her an Amazon gift card. Give her full control of whatever she wants to buy in any given situation and according to her current needs. If she exchanges gifts a lot, a gift card is the absolute perfect present for her. Amazon gift cards can range from 50 US Dollars to 200 US Dollars and give your girlfriend a lot more options.





The 50 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

14th February. Valentine’s Day. It is a day when a thoughtful gift from you can end up pleasing your girlfriend to no end. Every girl in love dreams about her boyfriend, husband or fiancé gifting her something special and thoughtful to express his love and commitment. Remember, whether you buy your girlfriend a Valentine’s gift or not, she is going to buy you one anyways. The last thing you want to do is be empty handed when your girlfriend gives you a present and you just stand there not knowing what to do! If you still haven’t figured out what Valentine’s Day gifts ideas to consider to then choose a gift from those ideas, we have got you covered, with 50 phenomenal recommendations.

All our recommendations are gifts in the $50 to $750 range. We know that you don’t have to break the bank to give a gift that will wow your girlfriend, which is why we kept price on our minds when we made these 50 recommendations, for what we think are the best Valentine’s day gifts for girlfriends.

Without any further ado, let’s get right into these top valentine gifts for girlfriends.

1. Message in a Bottle Promise



If your girlfriend is the romantic type, which most girls are, she is going to be very touched by this gift. You can customize this gift by writing your own message that will be printed on a scroll. The scroll looks authentic and nostalgic, with even a burnt effect on the edges, as if to say that your message has love has travelled through a great journey of peril, to still make it, to profess your love.

The bottle is a 12 inch bottle that will be beautifully encased in a stylish wooden crate. This is a gift that will last forever!

2. Bellabeat Leaf Nature Health Tracker



Does your girlfriend of wife love to track her fitness activities? Steps? Sleep quality? Calories? This beautiful leaf shaped bracelet that can also be worn like a chain does all that tracking, while looking like an elegant piece of jewelry. This makes for a fantastic gift idea even if your girlfriend has a Fitbit or another fitness tracker already. The reason being is that this tracker looks like a jewelry item that she can wear when she dresses up to go clubbing or partying with you! Who said you shouldn’t track steps and calories when you dance the night away, in an active environment like a club?

3. VicTsing 500 ml Essential Oil Diffuser



Women love aromatherapy. Even if your girlfriend already has a diffuser lying around the house, this gift is going to drive her wild. What’s different about this essential oil diffuser is that it can hold up to half a liter of water, meaning that you can get it to diffuse aromas for up to 14 hours. Not many diffusers can do that!

Another feature that your girl will love about this is that it hardly makes any noise, thanks to its ultrasonic diffuser technology. This diffuser can display up to 7 soft colors to set various moods.

4. Air Fryer by Avalon Bay, for Healthy Oil-Less Fried Food



Fried food doesn’t need oil! Yes, that’s right. There’s a technology called air fry, where super-heated air fries your food. Women love these air fryers and this product from Avalon Bay is one of the hottest air frying sellers at Amazon.

This product ships with a fryer that is capable of heating up to 400 degrees, cooking food up to 3.7 quarts in quantity. It is also equipped with a 30 minute timer and a powerful 1400 watt motor. It ships with a 52 page recipe book, with recipes that specifically use this air fryer. Your girlfriend will love this and you will love it to, when she makes you deliciously healthy snacks!

5. Knowing by Estee Lauder (Perfume for women)



This evening wear perfume for women is one of the bestselling perfumes at Amazon, ever. The perfume is concocted with a blend of mosses, woods and just a little touch of floral notes. A little goes a very long way with this perfume and it will last for a very long time. Don’t be surprised if this becomes your girlfriend’s favorite perfume, even if she swore by another brand before!

6. 10k White Gold Princess Cut Diamond Promise Ring



The best Valentine gift for girlfriend is one that signifies your relationship. And, no gift is more appreciative of the love between you two than a promise ring, with a beautiful princess cut diamond adorning the ring. This lovely ring with a pristine white gold band uses a gorgeous conflict free diamond. If this doesn’t please your girlfriend, we are not quite sure what will! It is that gorgeous a ring.

7. Bose SoundLink Revolve Portable Bluetooth Speaker



Which woman doesn’t love music? And which woman doesn’t love portable music. Chances are that your girlfriend already has a portable Bluetooth speaker. But, chances are also high that isn’t as good as the Bose SoundLink Revolve, a speaker capable of putting out incredible surround sound. It is splash resistant and your girlfriend can keep it on the pool side, enjoying high quality surround sound audio during her swims, or just about anywhere she carries the speaker to!

8. Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Pillow



Every woman loves to get her beauty sleep. And, ask any woman what lets her sleep best and she will invariably talk to you about her pillow! This Snuggle luxury pillow never goes flat. Using bamboo and a polyester mix, this pillow is extremely breathable and comfortable. It can easily be fluffed into a desired shape and will suit both side sleepers as well as back sleepers. One night sleeping on this pillow and your girlfriend is going to be forever grateful to you, for such a thoughtful gift!

9. Superior Luxury towel set (Hotel and Spa Quality)



A towel might not mean much to you but it means a lot to your woman. They absolutely love luxurious high thread-count towels that caress their skin, absorbing water in a heartbeat, without the need to pat or rub into the skin.

This towel set will be a great gift if your girlfriend likes to take those long, elaborate baths. Drying her hair and skin using these towels will be an experience she will look forward to just as much as the bath itself!

10. Shany Holiday Surprise All In One Makeup Set



An all in one makeup kit is one of the best Valentine’s day gifts ideas ever. Every girl loves makeup, whether they admit to it or not. This kit from Shany will give your girlfriend everything she needs in her makeup kit, for a very reasonable price. An assortment of brushes, a full make up palette, organizer, brush holder and many other staples required for a good makeup. It’s all there. This is a gift that just can’t go to waste as your woman will definitely find a way to use everything, even if she already has a makeup kit of her own.

11. Dulcet Gift Baskets Gourmet Cookies & Snacks



When women snack, they like to make it count. This is why they indulge only in the best deserts, chocolates, cookies and snacks. When you give your girlfriend this gourmet basket of delicious cookies baked to perfection, don’t be surprised if she doesn’t share much with you! Every one of these cookies delivers a lip-smacking experience that will put a big smile on your girlfriend’s face!

12. Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer



You must have seen your girlfriend get excited about a cold press juicer. She probably has to pay a pretty penny to drink those juices from one of those overpriced juice bars. Now, with this incredible cold press juicer, there’s no reason why she can’t have the freshest and most nutritious fruit and vegetable juices right in her home. This juicer can be used for fruits, celery, carrots, oranges, wheatgrass and a ton of other ingredients. The motor is just an 80 RPM motor which means that there is little heat generation, ensuring high nutrient preservation!

13. Bean Box World Coffee Gourmet Sampler



There’s coffee and then there’s gourmet coffee. This incredible world sampler from Bean Box will allow your girlfriend to taste the world’s best coffees, originating from the Americas, Asia, Africa and even Hawaii. Women love to sample designer coffee blends and every morning is going to have sheer excitement as your woman tries to decide which coffee she must sample. Once she is hooked on a certain flavor, you can get her that flavor as an everyday coffee as well!

14. Tea Lovers Care Package with Mug



Caffeine comes in two forms. Coffee and tea. We just got you covered with coffee in our previous recommendation. But, if your girlfriend is more of a tea drinker, she will love this care basket with various types of tea. With a range of black, green, herbal and special concoction teas, your girlfriend is going to tear open a different tea bag every time she comes across this basket. A fantastic gift if your girlfriend likes to relax with a warm cup of tea, after a long and tiring day.

15. Pulse Taser with 2 Cartridges



Your girlfriend’s safety is paramount. When you are not around, your girlfriend can be defenseless if she is the unfortunate victim of violent crime. Give her this incredibly powerful Taser or stun gun that will allow her to not just ward off evil people, but put them out for enough time so she can make a safe escape from whatever environment she is in.

The batteries can be recharged which makes this is a onetime investment on your girlfriend’s personal safety.

16. Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)



Amazon’s voice activated device has been a raging hit. It has been particularly successful with women. If your girlfriend doesn’t have one of these already, you must consider buying one for her. Just by saying “Alexa”, she can play her favorite music, book herself a cab, ask about the weather and even order what she wants from Amazon! It is an incredible device that is constantly updated as well. Who knows what else it can do in the future!

17. Fitbit Alta HR



The Fitbit Alta is Fitbit’s bestselling band, ever! With a very feminine design, the Alta is incredibly popular with women because it has a slim profile. It is also one of very few devices with accurate heart rate tracking, in the $130 price range. If you get your girlfriend the Fitbit Alta, be sure to double up on the gift with some swappable colorful bands for the wearable device. Women love to switch up the look of their fitness trackers to make it work with their daily clothes!

18. Sony DSCW800 20.1 MP Digital Camera



These days, smartphones have fantastic cameras. But, even the high end smartphones like the iPhone X, Galaxy 8 or the Google Pixel 2 still don’t have cameras that match up to the performance levels of a high-end point and shoot camera like this Sony DSCW800. If your girl is into Instagram, she will love how this camera ups her game when she begins to take pictures to then share on her social media. With 20.1 MP and a 5x optical zoom with 720p HD movie recording, this is one hell of a camera!

19. 26,800 mAh PowerBank

Let’s face it. Women let their devices run out of power all the time. If this sounds typical of your girlfriend, a high capacity power bank is a fantastic gift idea. Not only will it allow your girlfriend to keep her devices with charge all the time, it will also give you immense relief knowing that your girlfriend can reach you in times of emergencies, when she can’t get to a wall charger! With a full charge, this power bank can charge your girlfriend’s phone at least 7 times!

20. Michael Kors Jet Set Top-Zip Tote



A new handbag is a gift that never gets old! This incredibly stylish pocketbook or handbag from the designer line of Michael Kors is available in 20 vibrant colors, with the Acorn version linked out as a recommendation here. It uses premium imported leather, gold tone hardware and special pockets for keys, cell phone and other pouches for compartmentalizing.

It measures 15 x 10 x 4.5 inches and has thousands and thousands of rave reviews at a site like Amazon. This is a handbag that will allow your girlfriend to step out with superb style and sophistication!

21. Sound + Sleep High Fidelity Sleep Sound Machine with Non-Looping Nature Sounds



This is the best Valentine gift for girlfriend if your girlfriend is a light sleeper. White noise helps the brain calm by channeling all surrounding audio waves into one non-disturbing audio channel that allows the brain to be at ease thereby allowing for great sleep.

If your girlfriend dreams a lot or suffers from nightmares, this sleep sound machine will do her a world of good. There’s more than 30 sounds to choose from. The machine has the ability to reduce the volume after 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes if you wish, so your girlfriend doesn’t always have to rely on the machine.

22. Sunbeam Reversible Heated Throw Blanket with Controller



The winter is just upon us and this is a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend if she likes to snuggle up under a thick quilt. Not only in this premium feeling quilt thick and soft, it is also heated. This means that your girlfriend can get cozy under the sheets even on one of the most bone chilling nights.

Unlike other electric blankets, this blanket heats up on both sides, rendering perfect and even warmth. You also have the option to let it auto adjust to the ambient temperature, as the night wears on, a great option to use if the night gets colder and colder as time passes by.

23. Egyptian Cotton Terry Cloth Bathrobe with 100% Staple Long Cotton



Unlike men, women like to linger in their towel while they do their hair, their makeup and then get their clothes sorted out. While towels work just wine, some women love to be draped in a luxurious bathrobe while they carry out their post-bath rituals.

This spa and hotel quality bathrobe is made out of 100% Egyptian cotton that is extremely soft to the touch. It is available in over 10 colors and offers the perfect balance between soft and durable. It is machine washable as well, meaning it is easy to maintain!

24. The North Face Women’s Recon Backpack



Is your girlfriend the outdoorsy type, always stuffing a lot of things into her backpack, before heading out for a day of fun in the sun? This sturdy backpack from The North Face, specifically designed for women, will be one of her best travel accessories. It is made with a women specific fit and is large enough to accommodate even a bulky sized 15’ laptop. It comes with a padded and winged hip belt that will allow your girlfriend to stabilize the backpack on herself, even when it is fairly heavy.

There are a lot of little compartments and pouches that women love to compartmentalize with. The shoulder straps are also very well padded, with a woman’s comfort in mind.

25. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Inch 16 GB Tablet



Tablets might be on the way out. But, it doesn’t mean that your girlfriend won’t love this device. Tablets are still around because they are mostly bought by women who love the portability brought on by the very light weight.

This will be a great device for your girlfriend to quickly check on her email, her social media and even do things like play music onto her favorite Bluetooth speakers. It has a rear and front facing camera as well, giving her smartphone like capabilities, on a much bigger and more exciting screen than what a phone can offer. 16 GB memory space is enough to store thousands of photos and tens of hundreds of movies and songs as well.

26. Waterman Hemisphere Blue Ballpoint Pen with Medium Blue Refill



There are pens and then there are pens with class. Waterman has always had a history of making some of the finest ball point pens that makes writing just about anything a pleasure. This striking hemisphere blue pen is no different. The blue color is loved by women and will be loved by your girlfriend as well, as long as she doesn’t hate blue for some reason.

The pen ships in a very elegant gift box that just adds excitement to the gift. Anyone can use a pen and a high quality pen from you will be a very thoughtful gift for your girlfriend, who will probably almost always have it very close to her, whether she is at home or out and about.

27. SanDisk Extreme PRO 128 GB Flash Memory Card



With so much media being exchanged on the internet, your girlfriend’s phone, tablet, camera or even PC or laptop for that matter is always stressed for space. This 128 GB flash memory card can be the answer to all her storage problems. You can also get this memory card in a 256 GB version if you wish.

Besides tremendous storage space, this memory card also boasts of write speeds of up to 90 MB/s and transfer speeds of 95 MB/s, more than enough to record even demanding 4K video.

28. Gunnar Optiks Computer Glasses to Block Blue Light



Does your girlfriend suffer from dark circles, headaches, migraines or just eye-strain because she uses the computer a lot? If she suffers from any of those problems, these blue-light blocking glasses from Gunnar will solve all her problems. Its primary function is to block out blue light from phone, tablet and computer screens that can otherwise affect natural sleep cycles. It also prevents glare and reduces eye strain very significantly.

You are almost assured to get a big fat kiss if your girlfriend wears these incredible glasses for even just one day, because it is going to make such a difference to her!

29. Moto G Plus 5th Genration 64 GB Unlocked Smartphone



Is your girlfriend stuck on an expensive cellular contract just because she signed up for their phone that came with a plan? There’s no reason why she has to tie herself down to that cellular provider anymore. Get her this gorgeous Moto G phone for less than $200 and she can choose any carrier that she wants. The phone is jam packed with features as well. It is 4G compatible, with full HD 5.2’ screen, 12 MP camera, 5 MP Selfie camera, all day battery and also equipped with a fingerprint scanner. Storage caps out at 64 GB but you can add a SD card to add up to 128 GB of more memory, more than enough for any smartphone out there.

30. Nike Women’s Free RN Flyknit Running Shoe



Nike’s Flyknit running shoes have taken the running world by storm. Being incredibly lightweight, they have amazed runners with the stability and comfort that they provide. The shoe will git very snugly, when your girlfriend laces it up. The heel of this shoe is rounded ergonomically, to allow for it to roll when the foot strikes the ground.

This is about as close it is going to get as running barefoot. They say that the human foot is the best shoe. But, it is not always practical to run barefoot. During those times, this Nike running shoe for women is one of the most fantastic Valentine’s day gifts ideas to please your girlfriend.

31. LL Women’s Hooded Faux Leather Jacket



Want to give your girlfriend a practical Valentine’s day gift that will also give her immense style and sophistication to go with it. Get her this incredibly well designed hooded jacket, perfect for areas with harsh winters. It is not a leather jacket but the 100% Polyurethane shell and the 100% polyester lining provide a premium feel. The hood is attached with a rib trim that looks stylish and classy.

The jacket is available in almost 30 different color and fashion options, with size variations as well. Use Amazon’s size chart that will allow you to pick the right jacket size, using the right bust size of your girlfriend.

32. UGG Women’s Classic Tall II Winter Boot



One of the best Valentine gifts for girlfriend is a well-chosen winter boot. Unlike men who don’t mind boots that just keep the feet warm, women love to make a fashion statement with their winter boots as well. And no other brand makes more of a fashion statement than UGG boots.

These boots are available in Chestnut, the signature UGG color and also black, suede, grey and a tan color. It is made out of sheepskin and cow suede and with a synthetic sole that will grip even icy surfaces well. The shaft of this boot measures about 12 inches from the arch and the heel is about 1 inch off the ground.

33. GVP Sally Beauty Digital Ceramic Flat Iron



Your girlfriend will love having a hair straightener in her closet. A straightener is a fantastic gadget with which your girlfriend can sport a salon like hairstyle in just minutes, for a fraction of the cost that she will otherwise spend at a beauty salon.

This straightener, rated very highly at Amazon, comes with 29 different heat settings between 160 ° and 450 °. The power cord is a 9 feet long cord that is designed to be tangle free, so it doesn’t get in the way when your girl is working on her hair.

The straightener will shut off automatically after 60 minutes. This will give you and your girlfriend a lot of peace of mind, in case she forgets to switch it off before heading out.

34. BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium Dyer



If your girlfriend needs just one gadget to take care of her gorgeous hair, she will without a doubt choose a hair dryer. Even if your girl already has a hairdryer, you will do her a tremendous favor by buying her this high-end dryer that uses Nano Titanium technology. It has 6 speed and heat settings and a very powerful 2,000 watt motor. It is very lightweight and ergonomic to use as well.

What’s special about Nano Titanium? It produces ions that reduce frizz and static hair that can otherwise make hair look messy and unkempt. Your girlfriend will also love the cool blast function that she can use at the end of her hair routine, to compensate for heat that she uses to dry her hair.

35. Gibson Elite Tequesta 16 Piece Square Dinnerware Set



If your girlfriend loves to host great parties, she will love to own dinnerware that she can proudly lay out on the table. This square dinnerware set from Gibson Elite does that. Included in the set at 4 x 11’ dinner plates, 4 x 8.25’ dessert plates, 4 x 7.75 inch bowls and 4 x 13 Oz mugs.

This is one of the best looking square dinner sets out on Amazon, lending a very rustic and glazed look to a dinner table. All the utensils are microwave safe and dishwasher safe.

36. Four Bowl 41 ½’ High Cascading Fountain



Does your girlfriend love to decorate and pretty up her or your house? She will fall in love with this gorgeous water fountain then. With a height of over 40 inches, the water is going to beautifully fall from three bowls before being pumped back up for recirculation, resulting in an endless fountain.

The fountain has three 5 watt halogen bulbs that lend very aesthetic lighting to the fountain. The water makes a very soothing sound as it flows into the basin. Though very tall, it is actually very light, thanks to its resin construction.

37. Hatch Baby Rest Night Light Sound Machine and Time to Rise Machine



Do you and your girlfriend have a kid or baby together? Giving this gift to your girlfriend will technically mean that you are gifting it to the baby but your girl will adore you for the care and affection you show towards them both.

Using an app, your girlfriend will be able to set the lamp to show a certain color, play soothing sleep sounds and wake up a kid with gentle waking sounds. The app to run this lamp is available on both Android as well as iPhones.

38. Flash Furniture Oversized Bean Bag Chair



It is not just the guys who love to laze around sometimes. Girls love to do it too. And what better place to do it than on an oversized bean bag? This bean bag from Flash Furniture is available in 20 vibrant colors and is extremely light, despite the very large size. If your girlfriend is small made, she will sink into this comfortable bean bag and almost disappear. That’s how comfortable it is. The cotton twill upholstery is very durable as well.

39. Ameriwood Home Jensen Coffee Table



A coffee table can make or break a living room. If your girlfriend’s current coffee table is not quite cutting it or if she doesn’t have one at all, this gorgeous coffee table will have your girlfriend all excited. It is available in black, black oak and an espresso finish. The modern design and the traditional feel of wood lend a very balanced approach to the table and it will fit into traditional as well as modern home decors.

There’s two shelves that you can split to keep magazines, remotes or books. When assembled, it has dimensions of 17.7’ x 41.5’ x 19.5’.

40. Amazon Fire Stick with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote



The exciting Fire Stick from Amazon will give your girlfriend unparalleled entertainment access. From Netflix to YouTube to HBO, Showtime and Starz, everything is viewable and findable though Fire Stick. Think of it as an entertainment control panel from where you launch all your favorite content.

Alexa’s voice recognition technology is used in the remote. Just press the voice button and say what you want to watch and Fire Stick does the rest. No more typing by moving that ridiculous cursor on your TV screen!

41. Sceptre 65’ 4K Ultra HD LED TV



A 4K 65’ TV for less than $700. Yes, you read that right. Imagine how your girlfriend is going to squeal with delight when she sees this monster unwrapped in her living room. Trust us when we say that a 65’ inch TV will let your girlfriend watch the same content she has seen many times, like she is looking at a whole new world.

42. Fratelli Orsini Everyday Women’s Italian Cashmere Lined Leather Gloves



A glove lined with cashmere is an absolute pleasure to wear. Buy your girlfriend a pair of these gloves and you are going to be profusely thanked, over and over again! The glove is available in almost 40 color finishes and is available in multiple sizes as well.

The glove extends to about 1.5’ to 2’ inches past the wrist. The Cashmere lining is 100% Lambskin

43. Oscar Rossa Women’s Luxury Silk Sleepwear Chemise Lingerie Nightgown



Trust us when we say that your girlfriend can appreciate silk, especially when she is sleeping. This silk chemise uses the highest quality Mulberry silk. The spaghetti straps are adjustable and can be adjusted to lend a sexy and ravishing look, allowing your girlfriend to double up this chemise as sexy lingerie as well, for you!

44. Tommy Hilfiger Women’s Double-Breasted Trench Coat with Striped Belt



Not many pieces of clothing can make a woman look more stylish than a trench coat. This Tommy Hilfiger trench coat will make for a great gift if your girlfriend doesn’t have a trench coat or would like to have one. It is available in black, blue, a nautical color, sand and a salsa red. With a 62% cotton and 38% Nylon blend, it has a fantastic mix of comfort and durability. It also comes with a removable hood. The back yoke is vented and equipped with a button as well.

45. Anne Klein Womens Swarovski and Mother of Pear Watch and Bangle Set



A watch is one of the best valentine gift for girlfriend. Even if your girlfriend already owns even 10 or more watches, she will love this beautiful and elegant watch that has a bezel set with 40 Swarovski crystals. It also comes with an accompanying bangle that complements the watch. Also adorning the bezel is an immaculate mother of pearl dial. Despite its very delicate looking design, the watch can handle water immersion up to 100 feet! But, it is not meant to be used while swimming or bathing though.

46. Sterling Silver and Swiss Blue Natural Topaz Gemstone Pendant Necklace



Does your girlfriend love a flash of blue in her jewelry? Yes? This necklace is going to win her heart the moment she lays eyes upon it! It ships with both a 16’ chain as well as an 18’ chain, both made out of Sterling Silver. The blue stone has a brilliant luster to it and can be unmistakably seen from even across the room, as it catches any sliver of light that falls upon it. This is a necklace gift that easily makes our list of best Valentine gifts for girlfriend.

47. Ray-Ban RB4171 Erika Classic Non-Polarized Sunglasses



Ray Ban’s Erika sunglasses are a fan favorite with women around the world. And, there’s good reason for it. The non-polarized lenses cradled by a velvet frame immediately lend a look that shouts out class, style and sophistication, when worn by a confident woman. The subtle look and style of these sunglasses will mean that your girlfriend can wear this with pretty much anything in her wardrobe!

48. 3 Piece Canvas Print Contemporary Art for Modern Wall Décor



Separated art is the rage in home décor today. Your girlfriend will love the scenic beauty showing birch trees atop a gentle stream. The large 24’ x 36’ x 3’ panels, times three, will easily be enough to take center stage in a living room, study or bedroom. Don’t like the scenery? There are 40 others to choose from as well. From grass to wildlife to deserts to modern art, choices are aplenty to please your girlfriend with the right frame.

49. Michley-Tivax Lil’ Sew & Sew Combo Mini Sewing Machine with Electrical Scissors



Women love to sew. And they need it too. Unlike men’s clothing, some types of women’s clothing calls for a lot of adjustments, alterations and adaptive stitching to effect various styles. This little kit packs a serious punch, giving your girlfriend 100 pieces to carry out her sewing with. From threads to scissors to the mini sewing machine, this is a one stop shop for your girl’s sewing needs!

50. Kindle Paperwhite E-Reader with 6’ Display



Gift your girlfriend a reading habit by presenting her the extremely popular Kindle. With this little device, your girlfriend can become a voracious reader. Follow any successful person and they will tell you about the numerous books that helped them shape the way they think. The Kindle’s battery lasts for weeks together and is very easy on the eye in daylight and at night. Your girlfriend will also get access to more than a million books, for less than $2.99 each. Budget is never going to be an issue to stop her from reading after she has the Kindle in her hands!


If you are still looking for more check out these gift ideas: