Dos and Don’ts While Having a Girlfriend

Being in a relationship means having someone to hook up and to love. There are many ways to define the stages of knowing someone. Some create their own rules and standard on a relationship. But once you’re in a relationship, that rules and standard will be changed. There are certain characteristics that were looking for in a good partner, many may agree that they have what you call an ideal man or ideal woman. Some of these common characteristics are loyalty, honesty, patience, family oriented, passionate, sweet, and many more.

There are many things that we need to consider in a relationship to make it stronger and grow. The true meaning of a relationship is not having someone because you’re bored or just for fun. A relationship is created to find a good partner for a lifetime. Having a relationship requires teamwork. You choose that person to be a part of your journey and a teammate. Being in a team means you need to consider the needs of your partner and make the same decision in any situation.

Women are more demanding than men, they want all the attention would be for them. As a boyfriend, it is necessary to know her wants and needs by this you can treat your girlfriend the way she wanted to.

Here are some Dos and Don’ts you need to consider while having a girlfriend:

Ask her on a date

This is a good way to give her attention. Girls also love adventure and beautiful sights. You can ask her on a date, simple but romantic. Being in a relationship is having someone to be within an adventure, travels or even simple treat. Paying meal is optional. This is not just for men, both of you have the same obligation to pay for every meal on a date. You are an equal partnership, as a team, you can take turns or alternate on paying bills when going out. But as a man, sometimes it’s a gentleman and sweet way to treat your girlfriend on a date and has an initiative for paying the bill.

Never change on treating her

Treat a girl the same way you treat her before. Do the same thing you do just like the first time you date her and impress her if you always give her flowers on any occasion continue to do it. This is a great way your whole relationship won’t fade away.

Give her time and space.

Let each other have a space and quality time for yourselves. Allow her to go out late with her friends. Give her space to grow on her own and always have trust in her own decisions. Girls also want to spend time for their family and friends so don’t block her to do it. Don’t put her in a box, allow her to explore on her own, and support her in any journey she dreams of. All you need to do is ensure her that you always be there for her anytime.

Learn to compromise and choose the right battle.

Women sometimes don’t want a no for an answer. As a man, learn to just say yes without asking. This is a big help to avoid silly fights. Girls are known to be moody if they think they are in the right position they argue. So it’s better to compromise that built a wall of misunderstanding and argument from both of you. Girls are good speakers, they can argue even anywhere and anytime. There are some things that are worth fighting for and not. I don’t say that you don’t have the right to argue but choose the fight wisely. Smartest people knew when to fight and when to just agree on it.

Always be honest.

Being honest is one of the main ingredients in a relationship. Before courting or settling in a relationship you must be honest about your intention. If you don’t see her to be your future partner then don’t pursue her. Being honest in important cause this build trust in both of you. Girls have a good gut instinct, they can detect if your honest or not and good investigatory ability. So if you don’t have the intention to take your relationship serious better confess to.

Build a relationship with her family.

Girls attract boys who are family oriented the same as a boyfriend who is close to her family. This is also a great way to impress her by getting her family’s heart. Make conversations, treat them and bond with her family. Family is important for each of us. Even you don’t like one of them you still need to be kind and respectful in front of her family.

Don’t try to change her.

Even there are the thing you don’t want to her characteristics never push her to change, just let her change for you. You can discuss to her the things that must be changed but never force her to immediately change that. Give her time to think and change it for her and for you. Don’t try to turn her to someone she’s not just because that what you want.

Never put her down.

As a partner, it is your obligation to support and lift your partners up. Girls really love compliment in anything they do. Building up your partner will give a stronger and healthier relationship with each other. Encourage her in times of disappointment and trials. Always there for her to remind her to continue and never stop pursuing her dreams. Be her shoulder to cry or lean on in a difficult situation. If your partner did mistake never judge her, better to understand and help her to be a better version of herself.

Don’t hold your past against them.

Not because someone hurt you from the past means that will happen again. Not all individuals are the same. Don’t compare her to your past. Forgetting bad moments from your past relationship will make your relationship last longer.

Never forget the date of every occasion.

Your girlfriend is excited about a big event for both of you. Never ever forget the date of your anniversary and even birthdays. Girls always expect you to make her special and surprise her on these events. To avoid misunderstanding and arguments never forget the date.

Love is about to give and take. To make your relationship stronger you need to also give effort and be understanding in any situation. In this generation, love is not valued by its true meaning. Don’t be the man who easily to give up and walks away. Have the initiative to protect and take care of your relationship with your girlfriend.

10 Things Your Girlfriend Loves To Do 


There are many things that your girlfriend loves to do, whether it’s for herself, for you, or for the relationship itself. Things that she does for herself to make her happy and satisfied. Things that she does for you to make you feel loved. Things that she does for you that show how much she cherish and love you.
Simple things that your girlfriend do that you might not notice at all but still there. Simple things that you may not notice but can instantly lift up your mood and make your day better. Things that she does for you that you notice and appreciate the most and also, things that she does that you love the most about her.

Here are 10 things that your girlfriend loves to do.


1. Texting her boyfriend

Most girls tend to text their boyfriends a lot. Texting is one of the easiest things to do to communicate with other people.  Girls always want to update their boyfriends or they want their boyfriends to update them. Especially when they are not together at the moment, they text their boyfriends from time to time to know what they are doing or just have a simple talk with their boyfriend.


2. Taking pictures


As we all know, girls love to take pictures. Most girls take a picture a lot so they can post it on social media or to just simply keep the memories and feelings in a picture. It may be sometimes annoying for you to take a lot of pictures of your girlfriend’s OOTD or outfit of the day but bare with her and just do it for her because who else will take good pictures of your girlfriend than her own boyfriend?


3. Holding hands


Girls love holding their boyfriends’ hands. It is one of the simplest things that girlfriends love to do with their boyfriends. They always want to hold hands especially when they are out together or just walking in the streets. They want to show their boyfriends off, let other people know that they are dating and they are proud to be with their boyfriends.


4. Cooking for her boyfriend


Girls love to cook for their boyfriends. They want to show off their skills in cooking and let you know that you can eat delicious foods too without going out or spending a lot of money in expensive restaurants.  Even girls that don’t know how to cook, they still want to try and give their best to cook for their boyfriends because they want to let their boyfriends know that they can put time and effort just for their boyfriends even for the things that they don’t usually do.


5. Playing with her boyfriend’s hair


One of the most unnoticed things that girls love to do to their boyfriend is playing with their hair. Girls want to play with their boyfriends’ hair especially when they got nothing to do or while watching movies together or just when their hands are free. They do it also because they want you to be relaxed and make you feel good so do not worry to get your hair messed up, you can just fix it later.


6. Spoiling her boyfriend


Yes, that is right. Not just boys but girls love to spoil their boyfriends too. Girls also want to give things that can make their boyfriends happy and pleased. Treating them to restaurants, buying cinema tickets, buying clothes or shoes that their boyfriends like or just simply buying cakes and chocolates for their boyfriends too. If your girlfriend wants to treat you, try to say no at first but if she insists to pay just for you, just let her be. Because sometimes, she also wants to let you know that you can feel relaxed and at ease when you are with her. She wants to show you that no amount of money can equal you.


7. Teasing her boyfriend


As much as girls want to spoil their boyfriends, girls also love teasing their boyfriends. Teasing is a part of the relationship and is just normal. It makes the relationship more fun enjoyable and adds more entertainment to the relationship. When your girlfriend is teasing you, you can just simply let her do it to please herself. But not most of the time, when jokes are not funny anymore you can tease her back and enjoy the satisfaction of teasing or you can just simply tell her to stop.


8. Watching movies


Most of us love to watch movies and that includes your girlfriend too. Girls like to watch movies alone or with their boyfriends to just chill and to be relaxed. Watching movies can also relive her stress and have more time for herself. If your girlfriend wants to watch movies, you can ask her if you can join her so you could spend time and bond together while just chilling and relaxing at the same time.


9.  Going to the spa or salon


Most girls go to the spa or salon to relax and refresh themselves especially when they are stressed and tired. Going to a spa or salon has become part of their lives. Having a makeover can make them have more confidence in their selves. So, if your girlfriend wants to go to the spa or salon just let her or you can go together with her. Have fun getting a makeover together, be relaxed together with her and let her know that you support her in the things that she does for herself.


10.  Going out with her girlfriends


Single or not, girls love to go out and hang out with their girlfriends. As much as they want to spend time with their boyfriends, sometimes they want to spend their time with their girlfriends instead. Being with her girlfriends give her the time to bond and have fun. It gives them the opportunity to share the things that only can be shared with other girls. Be it about herself, you, her relationship with you, about other people or about the things that bother her. Be understanding enough to let her have fun on her own because she also needs to spend time and to be surrounded by other people who also cherishes and loves her.


The Best Games You Can Play With Your Girlfriend


Playing games can enhance your understanding, cooperation, teamwork, and even confidence. By doing this activity as a couple the coordination and competition shared to each other will make your relationship have a solid foundation. The fun moments in playing games can be an unforgettable memory as a loving couple.

Relationship goals, as a couple enjoying, having fun together and especially playing games is a must do experience to have a closer and stronger relationship. But picking the right game to play is a bit tricky. There are many types of games you can play together but making sure that your girlfriend would like to play can be hard sometimes, so we gather information online and came up with some of the best games to play with your girlfriend. So with no particular order here are the games you can enjoy and prepare for the fun experience as a couple.

Flirty and Funny Games


  • Guess What I’m Thinking 

    you can play this game by thinking a person, object or abstract thought of situation or any topic you want and ask your partner to guess by providing some pieces of clues. This game can be somehow funny and flirty depends on the way you will play the game by guiding the mood in different thoughts like giving the topic like ‘things I want to do with you’ or something like ‘favorite comedy movie’.


  • Two Truths and A Lie 

    really fun game that will make you laugh or frown in some way. By stating 3 statements that compose of two truths and one line, either the statements is a thing you have done, memories of your childhood or things you wanted to do or have. This is a win-win game where you can learn more about each other while a having fun at the same time.


  • Twister

    by bending and twisting your arms, legs and back to put a touch to the spot you and your partner tell. This game will give a fun time together but can be a chance to have close physical contact. Of course, this game requires a flexible body but this is a must to play game at least once as a couple.


  • What if or Question and Answer 

    throwing what if question to your partner can make you learn more about her mind. Well, this is a sure hit to a fun and can be a little flirty experience. The game can be flirty by asking ‘if I kiss you in your forehead where would you kiss me after’, then depends on your next move on how you would deal with the conversation.


  • Staring Game 

    looking in each other eyes while making a funny face or letting close your face to hers can be a fun way to bond. The one who will divert or blink his/her eyes will be the loser you can put some punishment to the loser to spice things up.


  • Truth or dare 

    taking turns to have a question or a dare, if the question is your choice then a question can be asked by your partner and you have to answer it only by the truth and if dare you have to obey her command whatever it was. This is a chance to play a fun and exciting game and learning things about your partner.



Video Games/Indoor Games/Outdoor Games


  • Xbox 

    this game is not only for any age but also for couples that want to enjoy gaming time at home. Playing this game has some varieties like dancing, shooting, racing, and co-op games that you can enjoy and have snacks while at it. For example, is ‘Dance Central’ this game will make you have some exercise together and make sweat and to have extreme fun together.


  • Mobile Legends 

    a game that is really famous worldwide by its five-man co-op play mode. But can be a game that a couple might want to try, by having your android mobile devices and installing the application that you can download using your internet is really convenient. This game can be played as a team together or can be a challenging one on one play with your partner, a really fun game to play.


  • Uno 

    a game that may involve up to five people playing with the rules of the card game may lead to a low stake competition and challenge by teaming up or playing individually. This game requires coordination and thinking skills by playing the right cards at the right time, this can be a fun game to spend the time with your girlfriend together with your friends.



  • Board Games

    playing board games can be boring sometimes but there are many types of board games to play. But it’s up to you on how you will make it fun by picking the right board games to play at your home or having punishment for the loser or reward for the winner. Play alone together or can be with your friends alongside with some snacks and drinks to enjoy.


  • Laser Tag 

    a game where you can play with lights on a dark arena by shooting infrared beams to other players, you can play together as a team with your girlfriend or play against each other just to have fun and spend time together.


  • Frisbee 

    a game that can play together in a park or just in your background throwing a disk to your partner to catch. This game is a good way to have bonding time and fun experience together with your friends or pets and have some food after playing.


  • Arcade

    playing games in the arcade is one of the things you might not want to miss experience. Arcade games are fun by having co-op to improve your coordination and teamwork or a competition to make the more fun moment. A dancing game where you can dance and step on multi-colored arrows or shoot zombies in a shooting game, also ball shooting games in an arcade is a must to play game you should try.

10 Characteristics Of A Truly Amazing Girlfriend


The majority of the girls want to be the best amazing girlfriend ever for their boyfriends that’s why all girls always spend their time whenever they are with their boyfriends. Just like men, an amazing girlfriend wants to spend the rest of her life with a man who treats her and her family well, and it is capable of performing all of her duties as an amazing girlfriend.

You might spend a lot of patience, effort and time to get a truly amazing girlfriend. But if you find someone who loves you, and the one who appreciates your efforts, don’t let her go. Just make her be happy and satisfied and make her feel that she gave you when things go wrong.

There are 10 characteristics of a truly amazing girlfriend and it is listed below:

1. She makes you and you laugh with her.

They say that laughter is one of the best medicine when you’re not in the right mood, and it’s true. There are a lot of proven effects when it comes to laughing: decrease of depression and to ease the pain. To get to know someone’s laugh is infectious and intimate. It’s like a constant joke between the two of you who laughs and it also makes you as a boyfriend feel really happy and good to be able to make your girlfriend laugh. The best relationship is when both partner makes effort to make each other laugh. Therefore, make sure to get that girl who can make you happy from time to time.


2. She has a sense of humor.

Another one of the most important qualities of an amazing girlfriend is having a sense of humor. Because if she is with her boyfriend, they treat each other just like the best friends. This makes the atmosphere happier and lighter even if sometimes, things go wrong or more it is worse. Having a girlfriend with a sense of humor is one of the best persons in the world we need to keep around.

3. She is faithful to her partner.

This is apparently one of the fundamental requirement of anyone when it comes to a great relationship. A good girlfriend must be faithful to her boyfriend. This does not only mean that not flirting with other men and not having other men around you but also means by supporting your great boyfriend in all of his aspirations and dreams. And also protecting him just like he protects you, love him just like he loves you.

4. She is a good listener.

Sometimes, life is not a bed of roses; and there are the times when nothing seems to lean on and nothing seems to be right. Even though their boyfriend knows to be a tough one, they still need someone to talk to and to lean on when they are feeling down. And that is also the role of a girlfriend by comforting her man. One of the main attributes of a man looking for in a woman is her willingness to listen to their problems and the one who will give a solution to their struggles.

5. She is Simple but Attractive.

This is one of the basic characteristics of a truly amazing girlfriend. An amazing girlfriend will be someone you find physically gorgeous and attractive. Most men being attracted to a girl who is simple when it comes to dressing her self neatly, they care about their girlfriend’s appearance and feel good about how she looks. Make sure you say to her that she’s gorgeous and beautiful every time you are with her.

6. Her boyfriend is a part of her world.

One of the best qualities of an amazing girlfriend is that she makes her boyfriend to be a part of her life. And it doesn’t mean that she is with you 24/7, but yes that is possible. But it means that she will introduce you to her friends and also to her family.

7. She accepts her boyfriend for who and what he is.

When the day that she accepted your proposal to be her ideal boyfriend, she also accepted you for who you are and what you are. For example, she may not nag you because you eat a lot or the way you eat, she may not judge you base on what you are, and she accepted your proposal because she likes and loves you a lot. The most comfortable thing is to be one self at any time. So by letting her boyfriend be himself is one of the best qualities of a truly amazing girlfriend you should have.

8. She is down for great adventures.

There are a lot of certain events in our life and also in relationships that truly bond two people. And adventure is of these events when it comes to bonding two people. When your girlfriend wants to plan an outing, and outdoor events, just make it happen and do it with her, because this is a great tool when it comes to creating great memories together. Maybe she wants time with you and a romance that comes with cooking over an open flame near the beach and forest and camping in the woods.

9. She’s a lot comfortable with you.

The first dates always have a little awkwardness because they are not trying to fill the comfortable in conversation. But when it comes if she’s dating someone that she’s comfortable with, she may not have any dull and boring moments with her ideal boyfriend. For example, you both can be sitting together while watching TV, sleep together, laugh together, and having a great moment when she’s with her boyfriend.

10. She’s kind to the people in your life.

This is the best thing a girlfriend has is to be kind to her boyfriend’s friends and also to his family. If she’s kind and she respects the important people in your life is a big sign that she wants to be more a fully part of them, and it means that she loves you a lot.



How to Treat Your Girlfriend While on a Period

girlfriend period

Girls having period monthly experience mood swings, emotional breakdown, and pain. Premenstrual syndrome or in short PMS, dealing with your girlfriend having this PMS Is really tricky sometimes you don’t know what ‘s even going on or really confuse on what to do. Including period cramps, lower abdomen pain and lower back pain they really suffer some pain because of having a period. They sometimes argue why they would have a period and hate being a girl.

This situation will let your power to step up and be a man that will be her knight in shining armor. To help all the knights in need to treat their princess while on a period we prepare a list of things to do and remember to save their princess. Remember that every challenge can be overcome. So let’s start.

Giving her more attention and love

Your girlfriend can be more sensitive than usual of course this is a sign of her having on a period. By giving her your love, kiss and hugs will somehow make her feel that there is someone beside them. This will lessen the feeling of a lonesome cause by the PMS. Doing some sweet talk and praising her will lift her mood instantly.

Understand her behavior an avoid blaming her

Girls talk and complain a lot why they have to suffer from having a period. The only thing you can do is to agree on every word they say, your weapon will be ‘yes’, ‘ok’ and ‘I understand’ this words are what they wanted to hear in all the times they are talking. Being understanding in times when your girlfriend is on a period takes a lot of patience but this will avoid some unwanted arguments.

A surprise with her favorite food, sweets or flowers

Eating is the best way to make a person happy. Well, picking the right food to give is a bit tricky for a girl having on a period. Bringing chocolates, flowers together with some snack is the right hit and this will surely make her face brighten and her mood actually.

Be patient

Being patient is a given, your girlfriend can sound kind of irritating sometimes. However just relax your mind and utilize your virtue of patience this time, because it may lead to an argument that you can’t win. Remember to be patient if she’s talking some random things that a little bit annoying on your part, by doing this it will make her more comfortable somehow because she knows that you are still on her side.

Help her out

Having on a period, girls feel pain and muscle contractions that make them a little bit lazy on doing some housework or heavy works. You have to help her out in these things like doing the dishes, cooking, lifting some things and even fixing her room. Looks to be a little favor but for them, it is a big help that you can give and offer.

Being attentive

All your attention must be on her, she might have a moody personality at this times but a man must stay by her side at all time. By being attentive on what she wanted like saying ‘I want to left alone’ on some other girls these means don’t leave them but sometimes it just mean literally so pay attention and this might be a way to make your relationship stronger.

Don’t make her feel unwanted

Tell her she’s beautiful; tell her that she’s sexy and pretty. Compliment her in a way that it doesn’t sound like a joke. Doing this won’t make her feel unwanted and also make her happy. Emphasizing her looks to be prettier, paying no attention to her acne cause by PMS. In this way, it will eventually calm her down for over thinking on how she looks.

Don’t take it personally

If you find your girlfriend arguing on some little things, then don’t take it personally to avoid making it bigger. Arguing is normal to a relationship sometimes it will make a couple grow and be mature. But reminding that your girlfriend is on a period, just make her win don’t fight it out be a gentleman for her to make her feel at ease.

Ask her whatever she’d like to do

Try to be more considerate and ask her on something she might want to do. You can suggest a visit to her favorite restaurant to eat the food she wanted to eat. Maybe you can invite her to a night out together with her friends to watch movies and share a talk, alongside with some snacks and sweets. This is a good way to make her feel that you can spoil her sometimes and can make her feel that you care for her needs and wants.

Give her a massage

Hand massage, foot massage or lower back rub are some of what you can offer if you want to give a massage that can make her comfortable. A massage can make the blood flow better; of course, this is the flow of blood that delivers the oxygen in her cells that will give her a comforting feeling. You can search online for suitable massage techniques to apply for better results. By doing this you will make her feel that you are giving effort for her to make her happy.

Bonus: Give her hot water bottle

Try to give a hot water bottle you prepare on hand or what they call ‘hot compress’ for her painful areas this will give a soothing feel. This will help her to lessen the pain she’s feeling and can prevent some bad cramps and lower back pain and make her rest more comfortable. Preparing this will require a bottle or a container to pour in the hot water this will only take a couple of minutes to prepare but will give your partner a forever feeling of appreciation on your effort given.

How to Make A Girl Fall Inlove with You?

Who does not want to fall in love? It is almost a common desire or want. Every person especially girls want to fall in love with their ideal man. If you’re interested in that girl and badly you want this girl to love you back, there are some techniques or ways to get and arouse her interest.

If you want to fall in love with you to the girl that you really desired you need to exert efforts and it requires you to make an attraction using nonverbal and also verbal interactions. Also showing a natural love to a girl and spending time with her can help you also. Most essentially, just be yourself and always respect her whoever she is.

There is no magical formula to a broken-hearted person, so for you to get this girl fall in love you need extra efforts and by these following tips that were practically proven by experts, these will help you so much.

Friendly Tips On How to Get a Girl Fall In Love


1. Give/Open Your Ears

Girls want a guy or a person who are always there for them and going to listen every time they need to exteriorize their problems and make sure that you will give your ears on her and let her talk. Don’t influence or push her to make any decision. She just really want you to open your ears and give your attention to her so that she can exteriorize her feelings.

Of course, if she will ask a piece of advice, then give her inspiring advice for her to lighten her feelings and problems.


2. Give her Compliment

Who does not desire a pleasant compliment? Every person wants to be praised especially if this compliment comes to their loved ones or families. Girls also want that, this will help you a lot to fall a girl you loved with you. Don’t give her a fake compliment or praise or she will strike your shoulder hard. Always make sure that the compliment you will be given to her is sincere and genuine and with love. Surely, she will give you a reward handsomely.


3. Tell Her How Much You Really Enjoy Spending Your Time With Her

Girls really want a guy who is giving them time. For you to feel your love for that girl you should spend your time with her and tell her how much you really enjoy the moment every time you are spending time with each other.

You can also text or email for her to know that she’s always in your mind. You just really make it sure that you enjoy spending time with her. She wants to know if you’re going successful in making her fall in love.


4. Give her Enough Attention

This one is not easy since the devices we have got in our fingertips. If you’re serious to make this girl fall in love with you, then you should need to give all your attention to her.

This means placing your devices away from you and certainly not looking to other girls that surround you.

One thing for sure you will not successfully get her love if your attention is on others.


5. Support Her With Love And Care

In this way, you will be like a cheerleader. Always make sure that she feels your support that you always there to encourage and comfort her in every battles or problem she encounters.

Encourage her using bible verses or hug her with love to show your support to her. However, you must show your respect and appreciation for every decision he wants but make sure that this decision will not push her into an unwanted situation.

If you want a girl fall in love with you, show your support and care on her.


6. Nurture The Love

Some girls want to be surprised. Give her flowers, chocolates, love letter or any kind that makes her happy and fulfilled. Don’t wait for the special occasion to show her what you feel.

This is one of the important ways to feel the girl you loved your special love for her. One thing for sure this girl will appreciate and feel your love and she will be fall in love with you.


7. Show Your Sense of Humor

Girls love a man that has a sense of humour. They want friends who always makes them laugh in times of troubles. They said, “Laughter is the best medicine” that’s definitely true you can easily get the heart and mind of that girl if you make her laugh and happy.

If you want to get that girl fall in love with you, get a little silly and do something that makes her happy.


8. Get Connected with Her Family And Friends

It is important to get connected with her families and friends. Get their permission that this girl you want to be fall in love with you. Show them who you are and how serious you are.

Let her friends and family work for you. If you already caught their attention with loved ones especially her family, she will easily get the encouragement that she needs to finally fall in love with you.


9. Family

When you find a perfect timing to introduce her especially to your family, you’re proving to her that you are serious and show that she is a special person for you. This is a very important tip and the golden way if you are trying to fall in love with you the girl you love.

Be sure that this girl you want to fall in love with you will be treated your family with respect and love so that she can see how you care for her someday.


10. Respect Her Imperfections

No matter how beautiful she is, each of us has different imperfections. If she does not want to put makeup on her face, then support her. If she is moody and gets emotionally crazy, just respect her and deal with it.


11. Take good care of yourself

Girls commonly attracted to a guy or people who show that they’re able to care for their self. This includes the overall healthy appearance or looks and good grooming.

Maintaining and keeping your body looking and feeling strong, is a good point for you to finally fall in love with the girl.

Understand Girlfriends Swing Moods

Understand Girlfriends Swing Moods

Did you ever try to hang out with your girlfriend suddenly from being nice to being mad? That’s mood swing, this is a condition of rapid change of mood. Girl’s mood swings are natural yet weird. There are many causes of mood swings, like premenstrual syndrome or the PMS were women feel abnormal mood two weeks before their period. PMS can affect appetite, depression, fatigue, and bloating. Some causes mood swings are hormonal imbalance, puberty, pregnancy, menopausal and menstrual period. The menstrual period has a big impact on every girl’s emotion because of irritation and discomfort.

Some men say it hard to understand girls. They can’t even deal with their girlfriend’s mood swings but the truth is there are things you need to consider when your girlfriend is attacked by its mood swing. They say managing and dealing female mood swings need patience, perseverance, pampering and presence of mind. Rather than questioning why women have this emotional imbalance, it’s better to understand how to deal with it.

Most Girls are Emotional

Girls are known to be emotionally sensitive and moody rather than men. Some women tantrums in front of men to test his emotional strength or confidence and test his patients but most of the time it’s a mood swing. Understanding her mood swing is the best feeling of every girl. They feel respect and value as women and this also help to increase women’s attraction to you. Girls love attention, they suddenly annoyed if you don’t give attention to them if you always teased them and trying to comment on her style and body. Men’s are stronger than women physically and emotionally, that is why men are must understanding especially in feeling and emotion. Handling their shifting emotion is better for her and you, this will make your relationship strong and last the longest.

Here are some ways and tips to handle or avoid your girlfriend swing mood:


1. Know the Reason

It’s better to know and find out why she’s upset to be specific in details. Girls don’t want to say what you did wrong it’s up to you to figure it out, try to think maybe you did something wrong or say a silly thing that makes her triggered to you. Knowing where she came from will help you to deal with her emotion. Listen carefully and avoid interrupting her in a conversation particularly when she’s not in a good mood.


2. Give her time and space

This not mean you will break up with her, just give her a time to release her anger. Try to ask her why she’s upset just once, constantly asking him may also add or increased her upset. If you think you didn’t do anything bad to her it’s time for you to give her space. Give her time to breathe and relax.


3. Don’t do anything, pamper her

Girls having a menstrual period have a tendency that they cannot control their emotion. This period makes her quickly upset about anything and anyone. As a boyfriend tract and know the date on her menstrual period for you to know when you should not annoy her. The best way to treat a girl having a PMS mood swing is to pamper her. Cuddles, hugs, kisses, massage, and foods are the good thing you can do to lift her spirit and handle her emotion.


4. Comfort her

Girlfriend loves hug especially when they annoyed or crying. If your girlfriend has a mood swing because bad hair day or anything bad happened to her, empathize with her. Girls need comfort and attention in times of their emotional breakdown. This action will relieve than by knowing that someone is there for her. Just go with the flow on her change in emotion.


5. Attention is a must

We all know girls are attention sicker, they want your attention to be a focus on them while talking and be bored. If you’re beside your girlfriend make sure you’re not busy and better yet don’t used your phone. Phones are most of the time causes of the frustration, this may start argument and misunderstanding.


6. Make her laugh

Be the antidote of your girlfriend’s mood swing. Lessen her stress and pain by weird and cracking jokes. This will help to lighten up her face and generally makes her roll with laughter. Use your humor to brighten up her day, good humor will help her to ease her situation and make her smile.


7. Take here somewhere

The good ambience gives joy in her face. You can take her to a park, café, and restaurant, taking out on a date doesn’t require a glamorous one, just you and her with a nice environment. Find a spot for fresh air, sounds, and sights that will help her calm her nerves down. Exploring and good food will help her to forget her mood swing.


8. Get her to take a rest

Mood swings are causes stress, exhausting, and fatigue. Maybe your girlfriend suffers from a bad and busy day at work or school. Try to convince her to take a break and take enough rest from her busy schedule to regain her energy. Lack of sleep may be the cause of her irritable look and frustrated emotion. Tuck her to bed while watching TV with a little hug and cuddle is a good rest.


9. Satisfy her cravings

Craving for food or sweet cravings is quick mood fixes. This an effective trick to maintain and instantly calm your girlfriend when having a mood swing. Food is a complement of a good conversation.


10. Make her feel good

Married men well-known saying is Happy Wife, Happy Life. This saying also applies to every relationship. Happy girlfriend makes your life happier and easy, it’s funny but it’s true. Make some little compliment words makes her happy like you’re beautiful or you’re sexy. Avoid giving a complementary that is awkward and premeditated. Act natural every time saying complementary words because if not this may cause conflict for both of you. These complimentary words are like flowers to every girl’s ear so make sure choose an exact word to say.

Things You Should Never Do To Your Girlfriend



In a relationship, there are a lot of things you should not or never do to your partner especially to your girlfriend. Well, obviously cheating is one of those things. Yes, flirting with someone, dating another girl is considered as cheating. But there are many other small yet still important that you should not do to your girlfriend.

Yes, we know women are very sensitive. They can easily get mad, yell at men with no reason basically girls freak out. Often or sometimes at you. Often for no specific reason.

I got you, I know it’s not that easy but for the one, you love everything you could do to your love right? Do you want to keep her? Here is the list you should never do to your girlfriend.

1. Cancel plans to hang out with your friends

  • If you set your plans with your girlfriend it’s never a good idea to canceling those plans because your friends asked you to come to hang out. Although canceling plans like having quick lunch or to see a movie with your girlfriend may seem harmless it’s just going to bother her and leaver her feeling like she can’t rely on you and the chances are if you cancel once then it will just lead to it happening time and time again. What you can do in this situation if you and your girl just have set the plans to hang out and nothing had been decided on yet and your friends invite you to an event or to hang out. You could ask your girlfriend if she’d be cool with this or you could ask your buddy if she can come along.

2. Make fun of your girlfriend.

  • Now when you are alone with your girl it’s okay to be naughty or playfully poke fun at one another in privacy. But when you start to do it in front of other people that’s when things can go wrong. Take this note, no matter how long you’ve been dating there is a good chance she’s going to get mad at you especially if you joke about something only the two of you knows about it and if you really go below the belt with your jokes and it is in front of a large group of your friends or her friends then she’s just going to think you’re stupid, rude, and inconsiderate. Your girlfriend may just laugh and brush it off in hopes that people don’t know how bothered she was by it. But the next time you want to make a joke do it at your own expense.

3. Compare your girlfriend

4. Stop putting in the effort

  • As a relationship progresses and the months and then years go by a lot of the time people get comfortable and there is nothing wrong with that. You should be comfortable with your partner. The problem is when you start to become too comfortable that you just stop putting in the same amount of effort you used to. No matter how long you’ve been with your girlfriend you should never stop complimenting her, telling her how much you love her, surprise her with little gifts that remind you of her, planning outing and etc. it’s always important that you keep putting in the effort and show your love to your girlfriend

5. Hold a grudge to your girlfriend

  • It is never a good idea to hold a grudge with anyone. But it’s an especially bad idea to hold a grudge with your girlfriend. That’s mostly because we are super stubborn. Sometimes when someone screws up in a relationship the other person holds a grudge and finds it justifiable for themselves to make an equally bad if not worse mistake. If you are really keeping a scoreboard when it comes to screwing ups and you feel the need to get even to your girlfriend then your relationship is already doomed.

7. Try to change who they are.

  • Yes, in a relationship is not really good for a man to change his girl it’s either leave them or accept them. That’s it. You should never try to turn your girl into what they are not just to fit of your ideal partner. That doesn’t exist. If you love someone just love her don’t change her. Accept the fact that she’s made of or who she was. Because now there is no perfect person so again you just have to accept your girl or keep walking.

Relationships take time to work so the minute the effort stop it’s going to go downhill. Yeah I know it’s not easy to get in a relationship but I can tell you the feeling you care for your girl and your girl cares for you and love you endlessly really priceless. It’s one of the best thing or best feeling why we should love so if you keep this feeling and you want to keep your girl. Treat your girlfriend every day as if it was your last day to see her. Make her happy and give her a reason to stay by your side forever. Stay strong, stay happy and stay in love.

Best Gifts to Make your Girlfriend Happy and Satisfied

Giving gifts to your girlfriend is one of the most often used and most effective strategies that boys do to make their girlfriends happy and satisfied. Most of the girls like receiving gifts from their boyfriend because they can see and feel that their boyfriends really love and appreciate them. Also, girls will always remember these simple things and gifts that their boyfriends give to them because the gifts may not last forever but memory and the feelings of receiving them will last forever.

There are a lot of things that you can give to your girlfriend. Gifts that are just simple and don’t always have to be expensive. Even the simplest gifts are enough to make your girlfriend happy and satisfied especially if your girlfriend really loves you, she will appreciate anything that you can give to her.

Here are some of the best gifts to make your girlfriend happy and satisfied.


Love Letters

Some people may think giving love letters to other people are old-fashioned and not suited anymore in this modern age but that’s not true. Love letters may be old-fashioned but girls love receiving especially if it is hand-written because they know that their boyfriends spent time and made an effort to write about their feelings in a paper. Giving love letters as a gift to your girlfriend is not expensive and difficult at all. Giving your girlfriend something that she can read anytime and will show how you think and feel about is one of the sweetest things you can give to her.




One flower or bouquet can portray different meanings. Flowers may symbolize love, support, apology, or simply just a wholesome and thoughtful gesture. In human history, giving flowers have played a significant role in expressing one’s feelings and emotions. Giving flowers is also one of the simplest gifts that you can give to your girlfriend because receiving flowers make girls feel special.



Scrapbooks have sentimental value especially if it is from someone you love and most girls love sentimental things. Scrapbooks can keep the memories and feelings you shared together and show the unforgettable and happy moments you’ve been through throughout the relationship. Scrapbook purpose is to make your girlfriend look back on past memories and remember the feelings again.


Teddy Bears and Stuffed Toys


Girls simply love receiving teddy bears and stuffed toys. Most girls love cute and girly things. That is why teddy bears and stuffed toys are one of the best gifts to give to your girlfriend. Teddy bears or stuffed toys can give comfort and company to your girlfriend especially if she is lonely and if you are not by her side. They even sometimes talk and share secrets with teddy bears and stuffed toys because sometimes they feel like the teddy bear or stuffed toy is their only friend.




Most girls use make up these days. They can gain more confidence and appreciation to themselves when they use makeup. If a girl receives a makeup from his boyfriend, she will definitely love and appreciate it because she knows that her boyfriend supports her do the things that interest her and is willing to learn about things that may not be necessary for him.


Matching Clothes


Having matching clothes with your loved one is definitely one of the cutest things! Imagine walking in the streets together with your girlfriend wearing matching clothes, isn’t that adorable? Wearing matching clothes simply shows that you two are together and makes your girlfriend assured that you are proud of her.


Food or chocolates


Girls love sweets. Giving your girlfriend food or sweets will surely lift up her mood. We all know that eating will give us energy and relaxation. We all enjoy eating so giving food      or chocolates to your girlfriend does not only make her happy satisfied, they make her tummy happy and satisfied too!




Reading books develop our minds and let us discover things. Some girls prefer books over pieces of jewelry so if your girlfriend loves reading books or she wants to read books, you might want to go ahead and give her books. Give her something she will enjoy. Giving books as a gift to your girlfriend who loves to read will definitely make her happy and satisfied because she knows that you acknowledge and pays attention to her hobbies and that you pay attention to how she spends her free time.


She will definitely love this one unless the drawing doesn’t look like her. Giving her a self-portrait that you made or even customized will make her happy and satisfied because she will know that you have given your time and effort and tried your best to make it.


Cinema Ticket /Amusement Park


Surprise your girlfriend by giving her a cinema ticket or amusement park ticket that later you will use together. Going to the cinema or amusement parks will both benefit you. You both can have some good time, spend and enjoy your time together and make good memories together. It will surely make your girlfriend happy and satisfied especially when she knows that your time is spent with her alone only.


Promise Ring


A promise ring symbolizes the commitment between two people. It is one of the most precious gifts that you can give to your girlfriend especially if you and your girlfriend started to get serious about the relationship.


Your love and affection

Last but definitely not the least, is to give your love and affection. Make sure that your girlfriend can feel your love and affection towards her. Giving all yourself to her is the best gift that your girlfriend can receive for you. Spend time together with her such as cook and eat with her, watch television with her, water the garden together, play games with her, clean the house together, walk to the park together, or just simply talking and sharing your thoughts with each other while sitting on grass.  All these simple things are all enough to make her happy and satisfied.


Best Movies You Should Watch With Your Girlfriend

Looking for some movies to watch with your girlfriend? We made a list of the Best Movies You Should Watch With Your Girlfriend.

We all know that watching movies is one of the basic recreations that we can do if we have free time, if we are bored and got nothing else to do or when we just simply want to relax. Watching movies with your girlfriend will give you time to bond with each other and have a good time together.

Here are some best movies you should watch with your girlfriend.


1. Titanic (1997)

Who hasn’t watch Titanic yet? If you are, well it’s time to watch it now. This movie is one of the most popular movies of all times. It’s a PG-13 and its genre is epic romance and disaster that makes it a perfect movie to watch with your girlfriend. It is about a young aristocrat girl that falls in love with a poor but kind-hearted young boy artist in a gigantic luxurious cruise ship.


2. The Notebook (2004)

When it comes to drama and romance, The Notebook is definitely on the top ranking list and it is highly recommended. It is one of the most popular movies adapted from Nicholas Sparks’ novels. It is about a poor but passionate young man and a rich young woman that falls in love with each other but soon separated due to their social status and differences.


3. The Vow (2012)

The Vow is another romance drama film that you can watch together with your girlfriend. The vow is the eight highest grossing romance drama film since 1980. It is about a married woman who got into a car accident that leads her into a coma. When the woman wakes up, she has severe memory loss and her husband is trying to win her back.


4. The Lucky One (2012)          

Another drama, romance film with a bit of suspense based on a novel written by Nicholas Sparks. It is about a marine who survived a war and travels to find the woman whom he believes to be his lucky charm and the reason why he survived the war alive.


5. Warm Bodies (2013)

Warm bodies is a paranormal romantic zombie comedy film based on a novel written by Isaac Morion. It is about an unusual zombie who saved a human girl from the attacks of other zombies.


6. Mr. & Mrs. Smith(2005)

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is a movie about a married couple who discovered that they are both assassins hired by two different rivaling agencies. It is a great movie to watch with your girlfriend because it shows a cute love and hate relationship.


7. The Fault in Our Stars (2014)

The Fault in Our Stars is a 2014 romantic tragedy film based on a novel written by John Green. It is about a girl and a boy with the same illness situation. When they met, they started to discover the things they have in common and found comfort with each other but faith has a tragic twist with their love story.


8. 500 Days of Summer (2009)

500 Days of Summer is a 2009 comedy, drama, romance film. It is about a woman who doesn’t believe that true love exists and a young man who believes he will not be happy until he meets ‘the one’ and falls in love with her.


9. Friends with Benefits (2011)

Friends with Benefits is a 2011 romantic comedy movie directed by Will Gluck. Starring Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis as the lead roles. The movie is about a woman and a man who met in New York and started to be friends. The two friends foolishly thought that having sex with each other will not cause any problem to their friendship. As time passes, they eventually developed feelings or each other but they always deny it each time that they are together.


10. 50 Shades of Grey movies

50 Shades of Grey’s first movie was released in 2015. It is an erotic romantic drama film directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and it is based on a novel written by E. L. James. The movies are about a college graduate girl who begins a sadomasochistic relationship with a young rich businessman. The movie is not just about sex as others think of it. It also tells a story about the struggles of being in a complicated relationship with a person who has dark past experiences in life.


11. The Shape of Water (2017)

The Shape of Water is 2017 romantic dark fantasy movie directed by Guillermo del Torro. The movie is about a mute woman who works in a government laboratory with high security as a cleaning lady in 1962 in Baltimore. While working, she accidentally discovered the lab’s classified secret; a mysterious, scaled water creature from South America that currently lives in a tank. As the mute woman spends time with the water creature, she discovered that the life of her new friend depends in the hands of an aggressive government agent and a marine biologist.


12. Passengers (2016)

Passengers is a science fiction romance movie directed by Morten Tyldum. The movie is about a spacecraft having its way to a far colony planet to transport about thousands of people. While travelling, the spacecraft experienced a glitch in its sleep chambers. This caused two passengers to be awakened ninety years after.


13. Beauty and the Beast (2017)

The 2017 movie Beauty and the beast appear to be a combination of romantic and musical fantasy which is directed by the talented Bill Condon. The movie portrays an arrogant prince who was cursed to live as a frightful beast hiding inside his castle until the moment he finds true love. Coincidently, his chance arrives when he captures an incautious old clockmaker, who has a beautiful daughter named Belle. As Belle spends time with the beast, she started to see the kind and sensitive soul behind the fearsome facade of the beast.


14. Five Feet Apart (2019)

Five Feet Apart is a 2019 romantic drama movie directed by Justin Baldoni. The movie is about a young girl who spends most of her time in the hospital because she is a cystic fibrosis patient. Her life changes when she meets a charming young man with the same situation as her and they are restricted to have a safe distance between them. But as they developed feelings for each other, they are willing to break the rules and embrace their feelings.


What is a good movie for a first date?

For the first date, I would choose a movie that both like. Preferably something funny to laugh about! That will loosen up the mood a bit and you will feel a little less nervous. But the most important thing is that you choose a movie that girls like best and not yourself! So if she wants to see a love movie you have to go through that. Therefore, always listen to what the girl wants to see the most then you will win some plus points.

What is a good movie for couples to watch?

If you are already a couple and you know each other a little bit better then I can recommend you exciting movies. So look for a film that has real excitement. Because as a couple you already know each other and you really want to concentrate on the movie so you need something captivating! If your girlfriend has no problem with horror movies I can also recommend you such a movie.

What is a good date night movie?

It always depends on what kind of type the girl is. If she prefers horror movies, watch a horror movie. If she likes romantic comedy then watch a romantic comedy. Therefore it is important to discuss in advance what you should watch. My recommendation is Shutter Island it is a perfect movie for a date night. It’s super exciting so you won’t get bored that fast and it’s also a little bit scary in some parts so you might be lucky and your girlfriend will snuggle up with you. But like I said, there is no perfect movie for a date night… movies are always a matter of taste.

Should I watch a horror movie with my girlfriend?

You won’t believe me, but some girls love horror movies, so in that case, you can watch a horror movie. Other girls hate horror movies! Because most of them are afraid of such movies and then they can’t sleep or feel uncomfortable. So if your girlfriend is not so into horror movies then you should not force her to watch one with you.

What should I arrange for a movie night with my girlfriend?

If you are planning a movie night with your girlfriend or your first date, there are some things you should consider. Number 1 you need snacks! Girls love to snack so it is important that you prepare things like potato chips, popcorn or chocolate before the date night. The same goes for drinks. It’s also very important to have a warm blanket in which your girlfriend can snuggle up during the movie night. Candles are always a good choice! So turn off the lights and light the candles.