10 Things from Michael kors to Gift your Girlfriend on Christmas


One of the top brands in the world that stands strong for its quality, product range and just an overall great brand is Michael Kors.  The brand has made a strong statement for both men and Women’s fashion.  But here we discuss the top products that you can buy for your girlfriend from the brand as it remains the top fashion brand for women around the world.


1. Michael Kors Women’s Selma Medium TZ Satchel

This remains one of the best-reviewed products from the brand and remains the bestseller as well.  Black always remains in style although this specific bag is available in a huge color shade range. It has enough space for daily essentials and comes with a dual-rolled handle. It has an outer chain closure and also four metal feet that make it easier to place anywhere without any issues. It costs $ 298 but you can purchase this one at a good discount this holiday season.



2. Michael Kors Lillie Moccasin Flats

Moccasin flats give a classic look to any dress. These from the brand are black, so can go with almost all dresses.  This costs $ 99 and you can buy one as per the required size.  The sole is made of rubber making them comfortable to wear. These have a round toe shape and are slip-on so wearing them is easy.  The toe cap has the logo over it and the upper side is made of leather and the lining is man-made. 



3. Michael Kors Women’s Gloves

What better gift for the women of your life this winter season then stylish pair of gloves. These MK gloves have the logo knit over it that looks luxurious. The colors are black and white but there is another color choice of light brown and white also available. These have rounded cuffs and are 100 percent acrylic. Depending on the seller you purchase from you can buy these from $ 39 to $ 42. 



4. Michael Kors Jelly Flip Flop Cork Bottom

A nice pair of flip flops are the most comfortable wear for daily outings. These are also a must-have in every shoe collection, therefore making the perfect gift for your girlfriend. It costs $ 47 and is made of PVC and has a synthetic sole.  These slip on’s are easy to wear and has a beautiful silver MK logo made on it.  These are of good quality and will last a long time. 



5. Michael Kors Two-Tone Gray Signature Knit Scarf

Scarves not only make a great accessory and can be worn in different ways. These also protect from the cold outside.  This scarf from the brand is in 2 tones of gray. The log is knit all over the scarf and its made with acrylic. The measures of the scarf are 9 1/2″ x 64″ that’s just right and this is available at $ 49.99.



6. Michael Kors Women’s Sady Carryall Shoulder Bag

Michael Kors is one brand that has made its name because of the high quality and luxury bags that they make. This is another addition that has been loved by women.  This is an expensive bag at $ 398 but you can buy it at a good discount this holiday season.  The bag has 9 open pockets that assure that you have specific space for all items that you need in your bag. Also, the brown lining on the edges and the handle of the bags gives the bag a sophisticated look. Again the shade variation available is huge and you must take a look at all of them before making the final choice. 



7. Charley Rose Gold Leather Watch MK2794

The company had made a comeback with the stylish watch collection a few years ago. This specific watch has a leather strap and is water-resistant.  The case of the watch is in a tone of rose gold and the strap is also glittery making it a perfect party accessory.  This is a gift that will make the women in your life feel loved and cared for.



8. Michael Kors Women’s Jan MK2045 55mm

Every woman needs a nice pair of sunglasses for protecting the eyes from harmful sun rays. These sunglasses help with that and the cat-eye shape makes it’s the current trending fashion accessory.  The glasses provide UV protection 100 percent and the temples have a brand name engraved in gold. The frame is made of high-quality plastic and is available at $ 68.90. This is the gift that we are sure your girlfriend will love. This is one of the top-rated and reviewed a product that supports our recommendation well. 



9. Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Flat Slim Bifold Saffiano Leather Wallet

While going for parties and clubbing, everyone does need a small wallet that they can also carry on their own with essentials. This is a beautiful golden wallet with a snap closure. It has the brand logo in the front and the inside space has 14 card slips and also a clear slip for keeping the ID card. There are also 3 other compartments in full length. The cost is $ 148 and will be surely loved by anyone receiving it.



10.  Jet Set Large Tote

Every woman does need a tote bag in their accessory wardrobe. This one is in a modern peach color. Perfect for office use and has good space while giving a sleek look. It has the signature pattern and logo from the brand and is made with durable leather. There are other neutral color options available with a center pouch with zipping. Also, there are two buckles on each of the straps. The price of the bag is $ 207. 




So these were the top ten gifts that you can give to your girlfriend this Christmas. All of the products mentioned are of good quality and durable. Also coming from a luxury brand, the special women in your life is surely going to love this one.

10 Fashion Ideas To Gift Your Girlfriend This Summer 2017

Today we will have a look about some fashion gift ideas for your girlfriend which are totally trendy this summer! Finding the right gift ideas for a girl can be really really hard espacially when it comes to fashion..but dont worry we got you covered we have some extrem cool ideas which your girl will love. Even if you have no clue at all about fashion just read this post and you will find something your girlfriend loves! So lets start with out list..

1. Summer Dress

Well summer is coming.. so why dont you gift your girlfriend a nice little summer dress? A dress is perfect to wear in the summer its super comfortable and really airy so you girl wont sweat if its to warm and it looks super hot on any women. As you can see they are available in diffrent colours so you can pick out the favourit colour of your girlfriend and buy it for her. If you dont know which size you should buy the dress in just take a look in her wardrobe and check the size of a dress she is already wearing so you are on the safe side.


2. Hands-Free Bags

Ok so which girl doesnt like Handbags? If you wanna suprise your girlfriend with a nice little gift buy her a Handbag she will love it. They are available in diffrent sizes and colours and some are really cheap so they are perfct as a nice little gift. If you are not sure which is the best for her have a look at the handbags she already owns and buy her one which looks similar.

3. Slide On-Sandals

Sandals are a real fashion trand this summer 2017 and have been since for ever so you dont do anything wrong if you gift them to your loved one. Your girlfriend will love them she can wear them to work, in the city or at the beach they are super comfortable and look really nice. They are also available in so many diffrent colours and forms so you will have no problem to find the right one for your girlfriend. To find the right size of her feets just check her shoes 🙂 and even if you buy them a number too big or one number smaller they will fit anyway cause they are Sandals!

4. The White-Hot Watch

White is the number one fashion colour for watches this summer ! Gifting your girl a watch is really easy just have a look at one of the pretty watches i have posted here i am sure you will find one for your girlfriend. A watch is one of the best looking  accessories they look beautiful and she can alway check the time 😛

5. A Global-Print Swimsuit

Well this one is a bit more difficult…i mean a swimsuit is a really cool gift for your girlfriend but i would recommend you to buy one together with her. Its hard to find the perfect size and form for it but you can still show here the pictures of the most tranding swimsuit below. If she likes one you can still buy it for her!

6. The Choker 

The Choker has been really popular back in the 90’s but it has its return 2017. Why dont you gift a choker to your girlfriend? I mean you cant do anything wrong when its comes to the size..they will fit on every neck. She can where them at any time of the day wethere its work or party time in the evening they pretty much fit to anything she wears and look amazing.

7. Modern Sunglasses

Why dont you gift your girl some nice pair of sunglasses? They look super cool and will protect her eyes against the sun. Check out the top models this summer 2017 she will love them!

8. Denim Shorts

A nice new pair of Denim Shorts can also be a nice gift for your girlfriend they are comfortable and perfect for the hot summer weather.

9. The Striped Top

Striped Tops are every famous this summer and can be a nice and easy gift for your girl. Just check her size pick a colour she mid like and buy one. They are really cheap and she will love them.

A nice new dress for work can also be a great gift but i would recommend you to buy one tgether with your girlfriend.